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Ian Pye

Cofounder and CTO , Kentik Technologies, Inc.

Ian Pye is the Cofounder and CTO of Labs at Kentik Technologies, Inc. where he focuses on making network observability useful to everyone. Previously he was at Cloudflare building their CDN product. He has a master's degree in Computer Science from UCSC where he researched distributed storage systems and reputation models.

Sessions with Ian Pye

  • 12:55 pm - 1:15 pm PT
    | Wednesday, May 26 | Snackable

    Building Network Observability In New Relic One: “How We Did It”

    Avi Freedman and Ian Pye from Kentik go into the background and details of our new partnership. This session will help provide the back-story on “how we did it”. Buddy Brewer and Avi will share how we aligned on end-user goals and worked together. Zack Mutchler and Ian will get into the backend implementation details, and show how they achieved so much in such a short time.

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