Panel Discussion with diginomica: EdTech Non-Profits Explore Scaling and Innovating in a Pandemic

Diginomica’s Phil Wainewright moderates a conversation on the panel's first-hand account of how COVID-19 has impacted their tech strategies and the future of the Ed-Tech industry as a whole.The pandemic spurred a rapid shift to conducting nearly every aspect of our lives online, from work to shopping to learning. The education industry felt this shift profoundly; with educational organizations experiencing a spike in interest in their offerings. Panelists will explore the technical changes they have implemented to meet the evolving demands of online education, shed light on what changes they will carry into a post-pandemic world, and discuss how their IT stack has allowed them to manage their systems at scale.

Daniel Drabik
Feanil Patel
Dave Sudia
Phil Wainewright

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