Monitoring One of the Largest Consumer Launches in History and Implications on Observability

New Relic recently supported one of the largest phone launches in history for some of North America’s telcos. While the user traffic was trivial to support (and we will explain how the New Relic database, collectors, and ingesters handle 1.4BB inserts/minute to our cloud monitoring platform) the monitoring traffic was the challenge. In this talk, we will explain observability and how we supported 15TT inspected systems every 10 minutes during this launch for days on end. Next, we will also present the pressures we observed on Amazon and on our operations and users. Lastly, what behaviors had to change to make this all work. From this experience, we extract the lessons learned about how to have observability done right, and feedback we have for the market on how to monitor at scale. Finally, we will get into how to automate and add AI to the mix to gain efficiencies.

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Ari Zilka
New Relic

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