Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower: Lighting The Fire

Join Kelsey Hightower and Jonan Scheffler as they take a look back through the annals of Observability to find the “wow” moments. Kelsey recalls working at Puppet Labs in the age of Nagios, when the monitoring for downtime occasionally became the source of the downtime itself, and how it felt to open New Relic for the first time. Installing a single library and having instant access to an entire world of information was a game changer. We’ll walk through that moment and then carry the torch on to the present and future of Kubernetes, the Linux kernel and serverless technology. We’re going to relive those moments of excitement that brought us here, highlight the places we find that joy today and illuminate those gems lying just beyond the edges of what’s possible. The future is bright and we’re on our way, come join us as we light the fire.

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Kelsey Hightower

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