Day 1 Keynote

FutureStack 2021 Keynote, Day 1

Hear from New Relic Founder and CEO Lew Cirne and CEO-Elect Bill Staples as they share what the future holds for observability, where the industry is headed, and the latest innovation from New Relic to help engineers level up with observability.

Lew Cirne
New Relic
Bill Staples
New Relic
Zain Asgar
New Relic
Buddy Brewer
New Relic
Jaana Dogan
Avi Freedman
Scot Gorman
Chegg, Inc.
Adam Johnson
New Relic
Mason Jones
Credit Karma
Seema Kumar
New Relic
Jewels Nocera
New Relic
Rama Rachappa
World Fuel Services

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