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Data Nerd Awards

Honoring our customers who find new ways to instrument everything, connect everyone with data, and simplify performance monitoring and software development. 

A parent and child sit in front of a laptop in grayscale

Giving Back

Level up your community by swapping your swag for charity cash. 

Several people sitting together at a table, working on laptops


Create your most kick-ass project at our 24-hour hackathon. Win accolades and prizes!


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Arcade cabinets in a dark room

Game Time

Level up your swag by competing for points and prizes.

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Connect with fellow Nerds at FutureStack.

Side Stack

SonicPi and logo over DJ Turntables

Sonic Pi

Creative coding and composition with Sonic Pi. 

User sitting in front of a laptop with headphones on

Energy Room

Let loose and have some fun, but no rage quitting allowed!

Person doing the eagle pose from Yoga in grayscale


Have a stretch and get ready to get back in the game. 

Blue lights in a dark room. Used for Sensory Room image for FutureStack 2021

Sensory Room

Unwind, recharge, and get in touch with your senses in a calming atmosphere.

People working together to build legos

Live LEGO® Build

Watch a master builder level up his LEGO® art.

FutureStack is coming.
May 25 - 27, 2021

Count down to get your Nerd on with learning, sharing, networking and lots of fun surprises.