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Observability for all. It’s not just a tagline at New Relic. It’s at the core of everything we do.  At FutureStack 2021, our largest event of the year, engineers from all over the world came together to level up their observability game and improve how they build, deploy, and optimize software.

The virtual three-day event included keynotes from Kelsey Hightower, Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud; Jaana Dogan, Principal Engineer at AWS; Lew Cirne, New Relic Founder and CEO; and many more. It also included a 24-hour hackathon, live music, and more than 50 interactive sessions led by engineers from 30 different organizations (all available on demand).

Our mission is to make observability a daily practice for millions of engineers. With this in mind, we unveiled several transformative innovations to make it even easier to troubleshoot and optimize modern applications, embed observability throughout the entire development lifecycle, streamline the instrumentation processes, and get access to the observability tooling you need—regardless of where you work.

See everything we launched at this year’s FutureStack in this comprehensive recap:

Get instant K8s observability with Pixie and New Relic without code updates.

Between contributing Pixie to the CNCF and partnering with AWS to provide Pixie for Amazon EKS users, we’ve made a lot of big announcements lately for developers building on Kubernetes. 

At FutureStack, we dropped one more, and it’s a big one.

Developers can now get instant Kubernetes observability inside New Relic One using Auto-telemetry with Pixie. No need to update code or install a language agent. With our easy guided install, you can see the performance of your entire cluster in a matter of moments.

The integration uses Pixie’s AI/ML models to send the most relevant subset of your data to New Relic’s Telemetry Data Platform for correlation with other services, intelligent alerting, and scalable data retention. Developers benefit from Pixie’s programmable and script-based workflows, giving them code-level insights to debug their applications faster. 

Sign up for a free account today and use the automatic guided install option to get started, or follow the instructions in the docs.

Kubernetes cluster explorer

Proactively track and triage all errors from a single view with New Relic Errors Inbox.

New Relic Errors Inbox, designed with developers in mind, is a single place to detect, prioritize, and take action on all the errors that matter. You can proactively triage and resolve errors, before customer experiences are affected, using rich, correlated data across the application stack, including APM, RUM, mobile, and serverless data. 

To cut down on noise, New Relic Errors Inbox groups related errors into issues. It provides detail down to the stack trace so you won’t need to leave New Relic One to troubleshoot. Collaborating is easy with shared comments visible across teams and error data that persists. Even when an error is resolved and re-opened, the previous context isn’t lost.

Watch the demo video to see how you can speed up grouping and debugging workflows.

Errors inbox screen capture of unassigned errors

The best part? It’s available to all New Relic Full-Stack Observability customers. To enable Errors Inbox, sign up for a free account or log in to your existing account and follow these steps:

  • From one.newrelic.com, select More in the top right and click Errors Inbox.
  • If this is your first time accessing Errors Inbox, you will be prompted to select a workload in the top left.

Make your services more reliable with network observability,  coming soon with New Relic and Kentik. 

Kentik and New Relic are joining forces to deliver unified application and network observability. Whether you’re an SRE, a developer, or in IT operations or network engineering, we’re giving you a way to quickly share context across teams, resolve issues fast, and make it easier to connect network data to apps and infrastructure.

For teams that use Kentik, pulling network context into New Relic One makes understanding the root cause of an issue easier. When on-call engineers spot an issue that looks like it might be the network, they can provide better context when they wake up an on-call network engineer. Or, on-call engineers can rule out a network as the culprit and let their network engineer friends take the night off. 

All of the network flow and SNMP data from Kentik gets the full power of the New Relic One platform immediately. Network entities like switches or VPC networks are defined, and connected by tags in New Relic Navigator. You can configure alerts and dashboards to find issues fast. And custom visualizations provide views designed for network telemetry. 

Learn more and sign up for early access here.

Dashboard with Network Context from Kentik

Detect, diagnose, and mitigate issues faster with next-gen AIOps. 

With the Limited Release of expanded anomaly detection, you can now detect anomalies on nearly anything in New Relic with just a few clicks. Intelligently alert on all your hosts and services with dynamic baselines that adjust violation thresholds based on the behavior of your data and configure alerts in context, from a chart or using NRQL queries

New Relic Applied Intelligence already helps you reduce alert fatigue by correlating related incidents. It reduces a barrage of alerts to one issue, enriching it with context and probable root cause so you can diagnose the problem faster. 

But now the new addition of issue maps lets you visualize entity relationships, assess the scope of an issue, and identify any neighboring entities that may be affected. You can learn more about dependencies and dig in for more details such as recent activity, tags, metrics, transactions, and related entities so you can quickly diagnose the cause of the issue.

Now, you can also dig even deeper into incident details that make up the issue with incident analysis. New Relic will perform automatic analysis on those specific signals, including datastore analysis with links to problematic queries, error analysis with links to code level stack traces, and external call signal profiling so you can more easily investigate the problem and diagnose issues quickly.

Relevant dashboards are automatically surfaced using machine learning so you can quickly access and discover the places where your team invested in customizing your observability. These recommendations will only get better with time and use.

AIOps with New Relic makes smarter incident response available to everyone. Learn more here. 

Ingest logs quickly, affordably, in-context, and always in just one click. 

When a problem occurs, you don’t have time to spare waiting for logs search results, digging through logs across multiple tools, or manually correlating errors or traces. That’s why more engineers than ever are using log management in New Relic One to troubleshoot problems faster.

The latest log management innovations include the ability to detect patterns and outliers in log data, simple intuitive analytics, partitioning of data for lightning-fast search performance, and easier onboarding.

At FutureStack, we talked about how log patterns reduce troubleshooting time by using machine learning to detect clustered patterns to surface outliers in log data automatically. Available to every New Relic customer, this capability enables you to quickly find patterns to reduce noise and create queries, alerts, and dashboards based on those patterns for deeper analysis. 

In addition, we’ve made it easier than ever to get log data into New Relic One with a wide collection of third-party forwarders and integrations, including Syslog, Heroku, Windows, AWS Cloudwatch, Vector, AWS Firehose, Fastly, AWS Lambda, and more.

Sign up to start using log management for free today or follow the instructions to enable log management for an existing New Relic account.

See your telemetry data in a whole new way with custom visualizations.  

Get more flexibility and less toil with custom visualizations, designed to give you full control of customizing the way your data is displayed. DevOps teams can use open source or proprietary libraries to create custom charts and other visualizations that provide more visibility into applications running in production, as well as third-party data sources. New Relic is also partnering with engineering and design consultancy Formidable to integrate their open source charting library as visualization templates, immediately available for developers. 

Custom Visualization Templates from Formidable

Build your own first custom visualization with this step-by-step guide, or learn more in this Nerdlog video from New Relic Lead Engineer Jewels Nocera.

Level up your career with new programmability certification, and  jump start your career with New Relic Student Edition.

We now offer developers and engineers the opportunity to validate their expertise in building applications and extending the power of New Relic One with our new programmability certification

Learn more about this new certification in the latest Nerdlog video from Principal Product Manager Jemiah Sius or read more here. 

In addition, students can now get hands-on experience with New Relic One for free through New Relic Student Edition. Designed to empower the next generation of engineers, developers, and IT leaders, get up to 500 GBs of telemetry data per month for free and three free Full-Stack Observability users to help you build the next big thing.

If you’re a student or teacher, sign up here

New Relic Programmability Specialist Certification

Start building with free credits, discounts, support, and more with New Relic for Startups.

Whether you’re on day 1 or day 800, New Relic for Startups provides founders and startup engineering teams the ability to level up their engineering and DevOps practices with the cloud-based observability platform used by the best software teams in the world. 

Unveiled at FutureStack, New Relic for Startups helps you:

  • Easily visualize, analyze, and troubleshoot apps built on distributed systems.
  • Save resources required to set up and maintain different tools to get a full picture of application and system performance.
  • See the metrics, logs, events, and traces from all your different services in one place.
  • Get exclusive discounts, credits, technical resources, and support to quickly grow and scale your business.

In the AWS Activate program? Sign up for early access to the new program. 

AWS Activate with New Relic