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Engineers Week is an annual event that celebrates the contributions engineers make to society. Engineers build, design, and maintain not just our roads, cities, and rockets, but also our hardware and software.

When Engineers Week was founded in 1951, computers still used magnetic and paper tape for data. Computers still used vacuum tubes. COBOL and FORTRAN were still years away. 

As Theodore Von Karman, an aerospace engineer and physicist, said, “Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was.”

In the 70+ years since Engineering Week began, hardware and software engineers have created a world that never was.

We don't talk COBOL anymore—we talk clusters and Kubernetes. We build distributed systems that send data around the world in fractions of a second. We innovate in open source, we build frameworks and libraries. We build new features and fix bugs. All of this in service to creating a world that never was, one that allows us to stay more connected, get things done more efficiently, and make new discoveries.

We’re still building the world that never was, and for that we have engineers to thank.  

You are the champions of keeping critical systems working, developing new technology, and changing the ways we all connect, work, shop, and play. Thank you for not being afraid to break things—to throw out old ideas and develop new technologies, one release at a time.

New Relic is proud to be your partner in change.

Here at New Relic, we’re dedicated to delivering an all-in-one observability platform that you need to sort fact from opinions. We’re engineers too, developing data-driven insights for the unique challenges that engineers face every day. 

Your inspiring work is what makes us excited to come to work. Part of building a world that no one else has yet imagined means you’re putting yourself out there to create what others may think is impossible. Such work always comes with risk. 

We exist to help you build better software with data, from the conception to reality—and every subsequent iteration— so you can minimize risk to your reputation, risk to your customers, and risk to your business. End-to-end observability gives you the power to operationalize data and make fact-based decisions to ensure you’re focused on the right priorities and the impact of your work. 

Happy Engineers Week from all of us at New Relic.