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Windows Communication Foundation

When WCF was introduced as part of .Net 3.0, developers instantly had access to an array of tools to help create service-oriented architectures with reliable, distributed endpoints that were easy to use with client applications. Since WCF acts as a service, getting implementation details on how others are consuming those services can sometimes be difficult.

Understanding things like how consumers are making requests, how long those requests are taking, and if those requests are successful, all become critical parts of providing a stable set of endpoints. New Relic gives you absolute transparency into what your WCF service application is doing, how healthy it is, and if your consumers are using the service according to the contract you provided them.


One of the most important aspects of SOA is how healthy the transactions are that come-in and out-of the service. In today's Internet ecosystem, our consumers demand fast, responsive services. The complexities of these services demand sophisticated tools to help us figure out how to deliver such robust performance.

New Relic provides top-down transaction traces that give you details on when the consumer hits the endpoint with their payload, all the way to when the service returns that consumer’s response. Full stack traces are also available for slow method calls. We also break up individual methods by duration so that you can quickly assess your service’s trouble spot locations. This heightened visibility allows you to pinpoint, fix, and optimize those spots by deploying better software.

SQL Queries

A common danger of exposing services--both to the outside and internally--is that a bug or an unformidable contract can be purposefully exploited or accidentally tripped.

Data is often in real danger in one of these service breaches. Since you’ll never completely know how your consumers will be using your services, it’s important to have proper countermeasures and thresholds in place. Without them, you might realize that connection pool exhaustion, or n+1 issues are occurring without being able to pinpoint why or where they are taking place.

New Relic gives you x-ray vision into your WCF service so that you'll be able to quickly pinpoint and address a data access problem. Our .Net Agent will report on how many connections a transaction creates, all database queries that occurred in a given transaction, and even help you optimize the really slow ones to help you fine tune your database.


Developers rely on HTTP status codes to help them troubleshoot external services built with WCF. New Relic increases your visibility and allows you to monitor exceptions and errors that occur during communication with the client.

Since 400's, 415's and 405's are tracked and reported by the .Net Agent, you'll be able to clearly see how consumers are using your service, and use this intelligence to better inform users on how to properly utilize your service.

SLA and Scalability

Being able to maintain a consistent experience is critical to an SOA's success. If you have services failing because of high-request queuing, port exhaustion, or massive throughput, you need to know about it immediately.

New Relic's reporting and SLA tools help you better predict when you need to spin up another set of virtual machines or metal hosting to meet the demands of your consumers.

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