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Free Download: Docker Up & Running

Get your preview copy of O’Reilly’s new book. Compliments of New Relic.

Authored by New Relic Engineers Sean Kane and Karl Matthias, this in-depth book provides real-world guidance for deploying and running Docker in production at scale. Quickly level-up on your container know-how and see why this new disruptive technology is important to you. This is the handbook you need so you can hit the ground running with Docker.

  • Tutorials on how to create container images, package applications inside containers, and deploy to a production environment
  • Valuable references for the Docker ecosystem, such as configuration, monitoring, automation and security
  • Guidance for troubleshooting containers by understanding their composition and internal workings
  • Explore advanced Docker concepts and topics
  • Examples of code-snippets for launching, configuring, and running Docker containers
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