Understanding the 3 Phases of DevOps Maturity

Learn where your organization fits in and what your next steps should be

In today’s software landscape, organizations large and small are under constant pressure to modernize their practices—to break down monoliths, automate pipelines, and reduce toil. To get there, most shift to a DevOps practice – but there is no simple recipe for a smooth transition.

Throughout our own modernization journey at New Relic, we learned that a successful DevOps transition consists of three key phases: Prepare, Activate, and Optimize.

  • Prescriptive steps for mapping your path to DevOps success, written by New Relic solutions engineers and DevOps experts
  • Modern software practices that can lead your teams to faster feature delivery, fewer incidents, and more experimentation
  • Examples of both procedural and cultural changes you can implement to ensure long-term DevOps success
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