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“It's no longer just about application metrics, CPU, or memory use. It's about how network intelligence can deliver unprecedented workload orchestration capabilities.”

Verizon chose New Relic auto-telemetry with Pixie because of how it addresses the shortcomings of traditional APM and Kubernetes monitoring solutions.

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"New Relic provides visibility, not just on your services, but how they interact with other services that you may not own and operate. It's about the dependency chain."

In a microservices architecture like Riot Games’, visibility into the different services involved in delivering player experience is critical to quickly pinpointing issues.

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“Everybody remembers the most recent outage, but nobody remembers the outages that didn’t happen because we prevented them."

World Fuel Services tracks DevOps key performance indicators using New Relic, including the number of deployments, failure rate, mean time to recover, and cycle time. 

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“New Relic's consumption pricing has been massively beneficial to ZenHub because it has saved us a lot of cost while giving our engineers access to all of our telemetry data. The value we get for the price with New Relic is unquestionable.”

Ev Haus, Head of Technology, ZenHub

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