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“Many of our customers find value in using both New Relic and AppFirst already. Having New Relic data directly in their AppFirst DevOps Dashboards allows our customers to speed up problem identification and root cause resolution.” David Roth, CEO, AppFirst
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Integration Description

Visualize New Relic data in the AppFirst DevOps Dashboard. Have an at-a-glance view of the metrics that matter most to you to ensure your end customers are delighted and your business is performing at its peak.

About AppFirst

AppFirst delivers unified visibility into infrastructure, applications, and business metrics. That means you can stay on top of what's happening in real-time and understand how performance is impacting your bottom line.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at New Relic as an SSO partner. SAML based SSO, while very powerful, could very easily become very complex. New Relic has delivered an outstanding user experience that is going to be very much welcome by developers and admins, both in established companies and startups.” Eugenio Pace, Co-Founder and CEO, Auth0
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Integration Description

Auth0 allows you to connect to New Relic with your developer, social or corporate credentials. Use GitHub, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Active Directory, Office365, Google Apps, LDAP or custom databases for Single Sign On with New Relic. Configuration is straightforward and can be completed in minutes.

About Auth0

Auth0 is a Programmable Identity Platform. Auth0 help developers connect their web and mobile applications with any identity system with minimum effort. Auth0 supports all popular identity protocols and standards: OAuth1/2, SAML, WS-*. It ships with out of the box for social logins, enterprise identity systems or custom user account databases.

Auth0 is available as a service, or can be deployed on your own environment. It runs on Amazon, Azure, Heroku, Joyent or your preferred cloud provider. It can even be deployed on-premises as an appliance.

The Auth0 integration requires New Relic Pro. Upgrade to New Relic Pro today.

“Many of our customers rely on New Relic to keep their production and staging environments running smoothly. Auto-deploy notifications in the New Relic dashboard ties builds and deployments with real-time production performance, giving developers invaluable insight.” Jay Moorthi, Founder, Solano Labs
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Integration Description

Connects the dots from development to production by automatically posting New Relic deploy notifications after Tddium deploys your app. Enter your New Relic API credentials and enable the notification, and gain even more visibility into how your latest code changes impacted your app.

About Solano Labs

Solano Labs, maker of Tddium, is a hosted continuous integration solution that automates and accelerates software build and test in the cloud. Tddium lets developers set up CI in minutes, frees them from managing a testing environment, and lets them deploy software 10 - 20x faster by running tests in parallel, safely and automatically. The outcome is higher quality software and more time for innovation on core product.

“The Blitz integration with New Relic opens a window into what is happening inside the app environment by overlaying metrics such as CPU and memory utilization on Blitz results. This helps developers drill down to troubleshoot and identify bottlenecks inside the app.” Tim Jefferson, General Manager of Enterprise Solutions, Spirent (parent company of Blitz)
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Integration Description

Overlay New Relic performance data on the standard Blitz response time charts after rushing your app. This allows you to monitor how your app performs in response to a Blitz load test in a single view. You'll get inside-out metrics (such as CPU and memory utilization) in addition to outside-in metrics (response times, rates, and number of users), giving you complete visibility into your app or your web site performance.

About Blitz

Blitz helps application and website developers throughout the DEVOPS process with powerful yet simple capabilities including continuous monitoring, performance testing and remediation. It's cloud-based web app and web API load and performance testing service delivers up to 50,000 concurrent users in seconds from multiple points of presence around the world to help identify infrastructure and code performance issues.

“At Cedexis, we are committed to delivering the best possible performance to users by intelligently routing traffic to the best destination – at any given time and place. Leveraging data collected by New Relic helps our customers do just that.” Rob Malnati, Chief Marketing Officer, Cedexis
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Integration Description

You can now pull New Relic performance data such as memory, CPU, database, and Apdex score into Openmix and take action on the current state of your application and dynamically adjust your cloud routing decisions, adding a new level of intelligence to Openmix applications. If a data center is reaching a critical load threshold identified during a stress test, you can use New Relic data to configure Openmix to direct fewer requests to that data center before the data center starts exhibiting performance problems.

About Cedexis

Cedexis Openmix allows highly flexible DNS-level load-balancing decisions to be made dynamically, based on real-time performance data for every possible delivery network and cloud provider on the planet. Configuration scripts can support such obvious methodologies as sending the user to the fastest destination for a specific geography, or as subtle and sophisticated as factoring in time of day or electricity cost.

Integration Description

Correlate New Relic data with the rest of your systems, services and business telemetry. Integrate your New Relic application performance data into Circonus and instantly leverage their powerful trending, alerting, correlation, capacity planning and visualization tools. With point and click ease, you gain insight into every key indicator of your business.

About Circonus

Circonus is a SaaS solution for collecting, trending and alerting on key metrics for online businesses that grew from the labors of the thought leaders in scalability, performance, architecture, and infrastructure at OmniTI. Circonus, an industry first, has revolutionized the power of telemetry for guiding sound and immediate actions by providing an infinitely scalable, cloud-ready SaaS tool. Now you can see real-time system data correlated with business data and analytics in an intuitive dashboard that puts you in command of your business.

“Set up a LEFTRONIC dashboard on a large screen to track your New Relic app metrics and watch your app performance almost magically improve! The secret? Awareness breeds action. Once you know your app isn't performing to expectations, you can't help but fix it.” Rajiv Ghanta, CEO, LEFTRONIC
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Integration Description

You can now configure LEFTRONIC to connect automatically to your New Relic account and pull down your key app metrics such as Apdex, response time, and even custom metrics, all in real time! Simply grant LEFTRONIC access your New Relic account, and they take care of the rest. There are many ways to visualize your app's performance metrics using LEFTRONIC, so you can choose to see how your app is doing right at that moment or how it has been doing over time. LEFTRONIC is highly customizable, so you can easily see your New Relic metrics side-by-side with metrics from other popular services to give you the big picture!

About Leftronic

LEFTRONIC makes it easy to track all of your company's key metrics from the web services you use! Whether you’re tracking where your users are, monitoring your web servers, or keeping a close eye on your top customer opportunities, LEFTRONIC has a template for you. Quickly build and customize your dashboard and start tracking real-time data in just a few clicks using LEFTRONIC's animated, browser-based visualizations engine, carefully designed to catch your eye only when something important is happening.

Integration Description

Add ticketing capabilities to New Relic to easily track performance issues. Configure New Relic with Lighthouse to create Lighthouse tickets directly from Transaction Traces, errors, and notes.

About Lighthouse

Whether you're a large company or a small bootstrapped team, Lighthouse is the perfect ticket tracking solution. Lighthouse allows you to collaborate effortlessly on projects and keep track of your project development with ease. Lighthouse simplifies your workflow so you can do the job you were hired to do.

Integration Description

Add ticketing capabilities to New Relic to easily track performance issues. Configure New Relic with JIRA to create JIRA issues directly from Transaction Traces, errors, and notes. You can also use the New Relic gadget in JIRA.

About Jira

JIRA is the project tracker for teams planning, building and launching great products. Thousands of teams choose JIRA to capture and organize issues, work through action items, and stay up-to-date with team activity.

Integration Description

Add ticketing capabilities to New Relic to easily track performance issues. Configure New Relic with Pivotal Tracker to create Pivotal Tracker stories directly from Transaction Traces, errors, and notes.

About Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an easy to use, agile project management tool that brings focused collaboration to software development teams. Built by Pivotal Labs, it embodies proven agile methods, based on experience from hundreds of successful large-scale projects.

Integration Description

Extend New Relic alerting capabilities. Configure New Relic with HipChat to automatically forward and share alerts to a HipChat room. This way your entire team stays on top of what is up (or down) with your app before users are affected.

About HipChat

HipChat is hosted group chat and IM for companies and teams. Supercharge real-time collaboration with persistent chat rooms, file sharing, and chat history.

“The New Relic integration allows developers and sysadmins to find out about critical problems in their web application stack faster, potentially even in the middle of the night. Being able to receive phone and SMS alerts when a component of our web stack breaks is really valuable; our engineering team uses this internally so we know from experience.” Alex Solomon, CEO, PagerDuty
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Integration Description

New Relic and PagerDuty have seamlessly integrated their services to provide customers with enhanced alerting on web application performance via phone call and SMS messaging. New Relic can now trigger, acknowledge, and resolve incidents for downtime events directly in PagerDuty.

About PagerDuty

PagerDuty is an alarm dispatching and on-call management service for system administrators and support teams. PagerDuty collects alerts from your business' existing monitoring tools and calls or SMSes the engineer on duty if there's a problem. PagerDuty provides sophisticated on-call management features typically found only in high-price enterprise solutions. It's on-call schedules, alarm escalations, telephone alerts, and phone-based incident management ensure that IT support staff are rapidly notified of any system problem.

Integration Description

Extend New Relic alerting capabilities and find out what is up (or down) with your app before your users do. Configure New Relic with Campfire to automatically forward alerts and deployment notifications to your protected chat rooms.

About Campfire

Campfire is a simple web-based real-time group chat tool for business. It makes real-time communication with 2-60 people as simple as visiting a web page.

“With this integration, the installation and service assurance of New Relic agents running on any infrastructure regardless of scale and complexity has become very easy. CFEngine will actively ensure compliance several hundred times per day on each and every nodes where New Relic is defined to run on.” Eystein Stenberg, Product Manager, CFEngine
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Integration Description

Integrate New Relic with CFEngine to ensure that the New Relic server agent is installed and running on any nodes based on the pattern you decide. New nodes will automatically adhere to the policy, and automatically get New Relic installed and running. If any unplanned change result in removal of New Relic packages or files, or interruption of service, CFEngine will self-heal the system back into its desired state so that all necessary files exists and the correct daemons are running. No more manual work, or checklists to remember.

About CF Engine

CFEngine, a pioneer in IT automation, enables organizations to become more agile and thrive in the Cloud Era by radically simplifying, automating and transforming the way they build, deliver and consume IT infrastructure and applications. With CFEngine, some of the largest IT organizations provision resources and deploy new applications orders of magnitude faster, while ensuring continuous availability, security and compliance in large-scale, very dynamic and highly complex environments. CFEngine has users in more than 100 countries, including many of the world’s largest financial organizations such as JPMC, as well as companies like IBM, eBay, Cisco, Qualcomm, AMD, US Navy, US Department of Energy, NASA ATT, Chevron and LinkedIn.

“I love using this app because when there's an alert in Production, I can know about it right away. I just click the push notification, and the details are right there.” Robert McLaws, CTO, AdvancedREI
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Integration Description

Stay on top of all of your New Relic monitored applications with this handy app for Windows Phone 8. See running statistics, send deployment notices, and get toast notifications for any of your running New Relic applications.

About AdvancedREI

AdvancedREI is reimagining commercial real estate software. But along the way, they're building tools to manage their every day business and sharing them with the community.

“BlazeMeter provides a developer friendly load testing solution to easily generate any amount of traffic on-demand, executing any user scenario. When integrated with New Relic, you can precisely identify and quickly analyze performance related issues. Fixing bottlenecks and re-testing becomes a seamless part of the development and QA life-cycle.” Alon Girmonsky, Founder and CEO, BlazeMeter
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Integration Description

With the BlazeMeter and New Relic integration, developers can easily analyze how much traffic their applications can really handle. Monitor how load testing affects internal application KPIs and get a detailed analysis of end-user performance metrics and error analysis. All using a single dashboard.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to use New Relic and BlazeMeter together.

About BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is a self-service, load testing platform for developers providing an enterprise grade, out-of-the-box load testing solution. BlazeMeter’s load testing platform allows developers to trigger performance related problems instead of having to wait for the problems to occur before diagnosed. BlazeMeter generates accurate high capacity traffic that quickly surfaces any performance related problem. By injecting synthetic load through the veins of your application, performance related problems can be diagnosed in a matter of minutes and on demand. 100%-compatible with Apache JMeter. Drive up to 10Gbps of traffic through your application in less than five minutes.

“The integration of New Relic onto the CloudTest platform allows for a seamless flow of communication and quick exchange of information between teams throughout the dev-test-manage process. Now it has never been easier for organizations to conduct fast, comprehensive real-time tests with visibility into virtually every aspect of the application’s performance, so they can release quicker.” Tom Lounibos, CEO, SOASTA
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Integration Description

You can now set up and run full-scale performance tests using SOASTA and collect performance metrics at the deepest level in both Java and .NET applications. New Relic and SOATSA work in tandem to enable real-time, agile performance testing in production. This key capability helps teams avoid product failures, find issues before they affect real users, and leverage the same set of data for testing and monitoring to proactively tune application and system performance.

About Soasta

SOASTA is the leader in cloud and mobile testing. It’s web and mobile test automation solution, CloudTest, enables developers, QA professionals and IT operations teams to test with unprecedented speed, scale and precision. The innovative product set streamlines test creation, automates provisioning and execution, and distills analytics to deliver actionable intelligence faster. With SOASTA, companies can have confidence that their applications will perform as designed, even in peak traffic.

“Assured application performance and stability is paramount for any company wanting to differentiate with a positive user experience. The partnership between Loggly and New Relic enables us to provide customers with a unique integrated multi-faceted view on application behavior.” Charlie Oppenheimer, CEO, Loggly
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Integration Description

Loggly’s New Relic Extension for Chrome allows you to find any performance issue or error in New Relic, and then find the matching logs in Loggly. We will give you more detail to troubleshoot problems, including what happened before and after the event, what caused the problem, how to fix it, and who was affected. You can watch our video and learn more about how it works.

About Loggly

Loggly is the world’s most popular cloud-based log management service. Loggly’s simple to deploy and use cloud-based application enables organizations to monitor, debug and troubleshoot their IT infrastructure, applications and business processes to simplify log management.

“The New Relic widget for Geckoboard is a great way to view your key New Relic stats in context, alongside factors that can have an impact upon them – such as the number of website visitors, currently active users, and support load.” Paul Joyce, CEO, Geckoboard
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Integration Description

The Geckoboard New Relic widget allows you to display the critical information from all of your New Relic instances on a Geckoboard dashboard, alongside your other critical business metrics. Build a dashboard to keep an eye on Apdex, application availability, CPU and memory usage, error rates, throughput and application and database response times.

About Geckoboard

Geckoboard brings your key data together, in one place, on a business dashboard. Stop spending time checking services and start monitoring your business in real-time. All your information, from uptime and analytics to check-ins, is available all the time, at a glance.

Integration Description

Neustar Alerting provides a Javascript based scripting environment which can take intelligent actions based on New Relic performance data. Neustar Alerting provides the ability to send alerts to the right person, make REST API calls, and verify the integrity of your infrastructure using data from New Relic and other monitoring services.

About Neustar

Neustar is a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analysis to the Internet, telecommunications, information services, financial services, retail, media and advertising sectors. Neustar applies its advanced, secure technologies in location, identification, and evaluation to help its customers promote and protect their businesses.

“Alerts are how most users interface with management systems. At OpsGenie, we believe good alert design is essential for effective operations, and we strive to empower OpsGenie users to design alerts that work.” Berkay Mollamustafaoglu, Founder, OpsGenie
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Integration Description

OpsGenie New Relic integration enables New Relic users to take advantage of OpsGenie's advanced alert and notifications management capabilities such as SMS, phone and push notifications, escalations, on-call schedule management, and severity and time based alerting.

About OpsGenie

OpsGenie is an alert and notification management solution for dev and ops teams. We provide the tools you need to design meaningful, actionable alerts, and ensure the right people are notified according to your policies. OpsGenie provides multiple alert notification channels ( iPhone/Android push notifications, email, SMS, phone calls), on call schedule management, escalations, 2-way chat integration, heartbeat monitoring and phone call routing.

Integration Description

Okta Directory Integration Edition for New Relic offers a complete, reliable, and easy-to-use Active Directory integration with seamless authentication. With Okta, New Relic users can:

  • Log in to New Relic with your AD credentials
  • Use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) for true SSO with Windows domains

About Okta

Okta is an enterprise grade identity management service, 100% on-demand, turnkey solution that automates user management and SSO with cloud and web applications. Enterprises using Okta today include Activision, Allergan, BMC Software, Groupon, Informatica, LinkedIn, Purolator and SAP.

The Okta integration requires New Relic Pro. Upgrade to New Relic Pro today.

“We are delighted to offer this free integration to all New Relic customers for an unlimited number of users. Enjoy instant SSO and directory integration, including Active Directory, LDAP, Google Apps or use OneLogin as your directory in the Cloud.” Elias Terman, VP Product Marketing, OneLogin
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Integration Description

Easily connect your internal Active Directory or LDAP Server to New Relic and grant and revoke New Relic access in real time based on directory groups. Enjoy Single Sign On (SSO), eliminating user-managed passwords and the risk of phishing. Add an extra layer of protection by enforcing multi-factor authentication. Do all of this at the office or on the go!

OneLogin for New Relic is FREE forever! No string attached. This free plan comes complete with OneLogin's comprehensive identity management platform, including unlimited users, SSO, directory integration with real-time user sync, and more.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a cloud-based identity and access management service. OneLogin comes pre-integrated with the industry’s largest ecosystem of SaaS applications, authentication methods, directories, and VPNs. Launched in 2010, OneLogin has quickly grown to over 500 customers including Netflix, Pandora, Steelcase, AAA, PBS, Zendesk, Yammer, Red Hat, and News Corp International.

The OneLogin integration requires New Relic Pro. Upgrade to New Relic Pro today.

“When building Java applications, Metrics is essential for creating fine-grained, customized reporting. This integration unlocks a painless way to turn your Metrics measurements into 'custom metrics' in New Relic.” Ryan Ausanka-Crues, CEO of Palomino Labs, Inc.
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Integration Description

This reporter library for Metrics writes to New Relic as custom metrics. Each of the main types of Metrics (Gauges, Counters, Histograms, Meters, Timers) write all available data (percentiles, min, max, and more) reported as custom metrics in New Relic.

About Palomino Labs

Palomino Labs unlocks the potential of software to change people and industries. Their team of experienced software developers, designers, and product strategists can help turn any idea into reality.

“Love using Jersey but hate not being able to use New Relic's built-in servlet request transaction to monitor JAX-RS requests or request exceptions? This library solves that while marrying the joy of Jersey with the power of New Relic.” Ryan Ausanka-Crues, CEO of Palomino Labs, Inc.
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Integration Description

Give Jersey resource requests useful names that include the value of the appropriate @Path annotations and inform New Relic of exceptions thrown during request processing. Gone are the days when all Jersey requests show up as being handled by ServletContainer (or GuiceContainer if you’re using Guice).

About Palomino Labs

Palomino Labs unlocks the potential of software to change people and industries. Their team of experienced software developers, designers, and product strategists can help turn any idea into reality.

Integration Description

PingOne, by Ping Identity, provides you with a simple, secure SAML connection to New Relic for Single Sign On. PingOne does not duplicate user identities or store passwords in the Cloud, thus assuring enterprises that their user information never leaves their corporate directory and is safe. PingOne leverages standards such as SAML for SSO, ensuring security.

About Ping Identity

Ping Identity is The Identity Security Company. Their identity and access management platform gives enterprise customers and employees one-click access to any application from any device. Over 900 companies, including 45 of the Fortune 100, rely on Ping Identity's award-winning products to make the digital world a better experience.

The Ping Identity integration requires New Relic Pro. Upgrade to New Relic Pro today.

Integration Description

The New Relic Magento Module by ProxiBlue allows deep integration between New Relic and your Magento website so you can see what your Magento site is up to and how it is performing. Mark Index and Cache clear events on your New Relic graphs and see what effects indexing and cache clearing have on your site performance. Embed New Relic graphs in to your Dashboard to easily monitor your site performance directly from Magento Admin Panel.

About ProxiBlue

ProxiBlue provides niche Magento modules.

The ProxiBlue integration requires New Relic Pro. Upgrade to New Relic Pro today.

“This helpful extension is great for when you're actively drilling down into your application data and want to quickly return to previously selected timeframes without having to guess where you were previously.” Yevgen Tsvetukhin, Product Manager, Railsware
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Integration Description

Quickly and easily return to previously selected timeframes while drilling down into your New Relic app performance data. Save up to seven previously selected timeframes and return to the saved time window in just one click. All from a new menu created inside the time selection feature. Enhance your New Relic experience and make performance troubleshooting faster and easier than ever!

About Railsware

Railsware is a premium software development consulting company, focused on delivering great web and mobile applications. Railsware runs a lean production process with small teams focused on direct communication (no project management layers). Railsware provides you with the ability to focus on the business and start with high guaranteed velocity from day one.

Integration Description

New Relic Data Menu Bars makes it dead simple to monitor and launch your New Relic Dashboard from your Menu Bar. This tiny app displays your key metrics in the Menu Bar so that you don't have to keep a browser window open to New Relic at all times.

About New Relic Data Menu Bars

Brit Gardner develops Mac and iOS apps such as New Relic Data Menu Bars and Key Ring.

All New Relic Data Menu Bars customers get New Relic Standard free of charge.

“The ScienceLogic New Relic integration exemplifies what we focus on each day—making IT smarter by displaying actionable data in a secure, multi-tenant environment. Our shared customers benefit by having a unified view into New Relic APM data and ScienceLogic Infrastructure data.” David Link, CEO, ScienceLogic
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Integration Description

With this integration you can now pull a comprehensive set of New Relic performance data into ScienceLogic’s EM7 multi-tenant platform from both New Relic monitored applications and servers. The integration combines New Relic’s 24x7 visibility into real user monitoring, server resources and app code with ScienceLogic’s real time performance, configuration, and fault analytics infrastructure, allowing customers to rapidly identify and remediate potential issues before they affect end users.

About ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic empowers companies to visualize, automate, and modernize their IT operations, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness with the operational intelligence needed to run the business smarter. They provide unified monitoring and management solutions for modern IT environments – from the data center to public, private, and hybrid clouds – and deliver the scale, security, automation, and resiliency necessary to simplify the exponentially harder task of managing resources, services, and applications that are constantly in motion.

“The New Relic integration pushes status pages to a new level of transparency. It's never been easier to get setup with a page powered by the performance metrics your customers depend on.” Danny Olinsky, Co-Founder,
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Integration Description has integrated with New Relic so that customers can seamlessly display performance metrics such as response time, throughput, and Apdex on their public facing status page. Use this integration to build trust with customers, decrease inbound support tickets, and boost sales.

About StatusPage is the leading status page as a service provider for customer focused technology companies. Hundreds of companies including New Relic, Shopify, and Vimeo build their pages with to communicate with their customers during downtime and avoid managing their pages outside of their company's infrastructure.

“Not only does this integration bring New Relic right into the WordPress Administration panel, it also brings all of the power of the W3 Total Cache framework into New Relic for added insight into scaling your projects.” Frederick Townes, Founder, W3 EDGE
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Integration Description

W3 Total Cache is the canonical Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework for WordPress. Now you can inject New Relic performance data directly into your W3 Total Cache dashboard. Not only does this integration bring New Relic right into the WordPress Administration panel, it also brings all of the power of the W3 Total Cache framework into New Relic for added insight into scaling your projects. Scaling and troubleshooting WordPress has never been more trivial.

About W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the only WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework; designed to improve user experience and page speed. W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

W3 EDGE are the makers of the WordPress W3 Total Cache plugin.

Integration Description

Easily extend New Relic to monitor your Magento sites. This free Magento extension allows you easily monitor vital Magento data. But there's more, with this Magento extension the URL-routing of Magento is logged in New Relic and advanced New Relic features are supported. This extension is a must when you want to combine Magento and New Relic.

About Yireo/Magento

Yireo provides extensions and tutorials for Magento. Its aim is to help web designers and web developers to build successful Magento sites efficiently and professionally.

Some of the functionality in this extension is only available with New Relic Pro. Upgrade to New Relic Pro today to take advantage of all the functionality in this extension.

Integration Description

Easily extend New Relic to monitor your Joomla! sites. This free Joomla! extension allows you to monitor certain Joomla! system-calls and parameters like user-name, the used Joomla! component, and more. Simply set your New Relic license-key at runtime from within Joomla! and start getting vital data.

About Yireo/Joomla

Yireo provides extensions and tutorials for Joomla!. Its aim is to help web designers and web developers to build successful Joomla! sites efficiently and professionally.

“The New Relic alert with Zapier is awesome because it lets us get alerts our way. Instead of spending developer cycles we can send New Relic alerts to Campfire or SMS or push notification or email. But that's just us. Other New Relic users are recording alerts in a spreadsheet for further analysis or recording commits from GitHub or Beanstalk in New Relic.” Bryan Helmig, Zapier Co-founder
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Integration Description

Zapier connects New Relic to hundreds of web services. Use New Relic alerts to send SMS or email. Report new GitHub or Beanstalk commits to New Relic. Or check out any of the hundreds of other web services that New Relic connects with via Zapier.

About Zapier

Zapier is the easiest way to connect web services. When you just want an out of the box integration without having to bust out curl or learn a new API Zapier is your tool. With Zapier you can have an integration up and running in minutes.

“The integration between Zyrion and New Relic provides tremendous value to all our shared customers by giving them an Application Service oriented view of their entire IT stack's performance - from application to server and flow.” Vikas Aggarwal, CEO, Zyrion Inc.
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Integration Description

The New Relic plugin module for Zyrion Traverse integrates the application and server performance metrics from New Relic into Zyrion's multi-tenant Cloud and Network Infrastructure monitoring platform. The integration provides a unified, service oriented view of the hybrid Cloud infrastructure from application down to network flow, allowing for very fast problem isolation and low mean time to resolution.

About Zyrion

Zyrion is a provider of integrated Cloud and IT infrastructure monitoring software using Business and Application Service Management technology for providing correlated, service-oriented views of the entire cloud, application and network infrastructure. The unified platform is used by large enterprises and service providers requiring a scalable, distributed monitoring platform.

Integration Description

Salesforce Identity delivers “Facebook-like identity for the enterprise,” which means CIOs can give their end-users a single, social, trusted identity service to access and centrally manage every cloud app within Salesforce.

New Relic has been tested, validated and documented to integrate with Salesforce Identity, making it easier than ever for IT organizations to enable critical identity and access management features seamlessly and securely.

About Salesforce Identity is the enterprise cloud computing leader. Our social and mobile cloud technologies—including our flagship sales and CRM applications—help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.

“Using Bitium with New Relic - and the rest of your cloud apps - will give your company an added layer of security, control and visibility into app usage that hasn't been possible before.” Scott Kriz, CEO, Bitium
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Integration Description

The integration between New Relic and Bitium lets companies give users single sign-on (with Bitium's application or SAML), centralized app management, visibility into app usage, and the ability to increase app security via Active Directory integration and 2-Factor Authentication. The integration also gives admins the ability to grant and revoke app access to employees from a central location, monitor usage with reports and audit logs, manage users and apps groups for faster on-boarding, and much more.

About Bitium

Bitium helps companies manage web-based apps like collaboration tools, CRM, social networks, accounting programs, bug trackers, customer service dashboards, marketing tools, and other Software-as-a-Service. Features include single sign-on, SAML integration, simple provisioning of apps to new employees for faster onboarding and offboarding, visibility into employee app usage, security tools, and lots more.

Integration Description

With the xMatters and New Relic integration you can instantly notify, escalate, and collaborate on New Relic alerts using your own custom built messages. Decide how you want to be notified: voice, email, pager, BES, or push email to mobile apps. Getting the right people involved is automatic by using our on-call rotational scheduling, individual escalations and one touch conference bridging. And as for the message content, that is something you control with a drag and drop message applications builder. xMatter and New Relic help you resolve issue quickly before users are affected.

About xMatters

Founded in 2000, xMatters gives users the ability to build custom messaging applications to manage their most important interactions. Over 650 companies use xMatters to enable employees to perform tasks faster, communicate with their customers and accelerate business processes.

“I’ve spent the bulk of my career in data centers deploying and configuring application performance management solutions for customers and in every case, after I introduced them to new performance insights on their app, the questions were always the same: “Is that good? Is that bad? What’s normal?” Our pragmatic, cost-effective solution answers this question, while still acknowledging the dynamic, changing nature of applications and operational environments.” Maury Cupitt, CTO, Know Normal
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Integration Description

Understand what normal really means for your applications and servers through this easy-to-use, no-installation-required service that leverages your New Relic data. Know Normal unlocks the true power of your performance data to reveal your application’s normal behavior over time. Then, leverage your knowledge of normal to make data-driven decisions on alerting and notifications, capacity planning, staffing, cloud configuration, and more.

About Know Normal

Know Normal provides easy-to-use analytics for historic performance data to identify acceptable ranges for current operational metrics, providing the missing context to understand how your systems are performing. Their cloud-based service shows how current performance compares to normal and how normal is impacted by critical events. This approach provides actionable information making performance tools more valuable. Get to Know Normal.

“Traditional uptime monitoring systems fall short and are generally just for IT and DevOps. Combining New Relic's ability to track multiple metrics, such as CPU utilization, Disk I/O, and memory, etc. vs. your standard ICMP monitors allows you to trigger and more accurately communicate application status to your end-user. This unique integration provides transparency to your users, reducing frustration while increasing loyalty.” Alex Bloom, Co-Founder,
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Integration Description integrates with the thresholds and alerts you set in your New Relic account allowing you to notify your end-users via twitter, e-mail, SMS, etc. about potential application issues. Using and New Relic's monitoring service will drastically reduce the time it takes to create and post incidents to your end-users.

About lets you build and manage your own application status pages. It also lets your users subscribe to alerts, such as application downtime and maintenance events so they are notified via SMS, e-mail, twitter, etc. Providing transparency to your users reduces frustration and increases loyalty.

“Combining application performance metrics from New Relic, build statistics from Jenkins, and story counts from Jira into a single Just the Facts daily email helps development managers stay on track every day.” Daniel Lipkin, CEO, Just the Facts
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Integration Description

Deliver key New Relic metrics such as application response time and error rate to your inbox every day with this point and click browser plug-in. Subscribe to key New Relic metrics like Apdex, Throughput, Response Time and Error Rate. Set targets and alerts for out-of-bounds conditions, and track your progress over time.

About Just the Facts

Just the Facts delivers your key business metrics to your Inbox every day. Easy, one-time collection of your metrics from your existing cloud services using our simple browser plugin. Monitor your progress through daily emails or our consolidated dashboard.

Integration Description

Get full situational awareness of application performance, and collaborate to solve problems in real-time through a Twitter-like interface. New Relic data integrates directly into the VictorOps timeline feed to reduce incident time-to-resolution.

About VictorOps

VictorOps makes being on-call suck less. Define on-call schedules that notify you of problems according to company, team and personal escalation policies. Get alerted via VictorOps' native Android and iOS applications or by SMS, email or phone call. Troubleshoot problems in real-time regardless of physical location or time-of-day.

Integration Description

An embedded cartridge to enable New Relic Monitoring for Java apps deployed on OpenShift JBoss AS 7.

About Produban

Produban is Grupo Santander’s technology company which specializes in the continuous design and operation of IT infrastructures, offering an integral service to its clients.

“Integrating New Relic into BigPanda helps you respond faster and collaborate better around application errors. Seeing code-level insights from New Relic alongside critical alerts from the rest of your production stack helps you gain situational awareness and respond faster to production issues.” Assaf Resnick, CEO, BigPanda
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Integration Description

BigPanda exposes a webhook via http that can be configured in New Relic for receiving notifications on any alerts generated by New Relic. This includes application, key transaction and server alerts. BigPanda helps users see New Relic alerts in the context of other alerts that are occurring in their monitoring stack (such as Nagios, Pingdom, etc). This helps you respond faster and collaborate better around application errors.

About BigPanda

BigPanda is an incident response platform that helps you manage and resolve Ops incidents faster. They clean up noisy alerts from across your monitoring stack and enable Ops-aware collaboration, so you and your team can make better decisions faster.

Integration Description

When you signup for, your account gets populated with example recipes to get you started. This includes an example recipe for installing New Relic server monitoring on Red Hat and CentOS based servers. The recipe can be viewed publicly here.

About is a simpler way to manage servers online. makes it simple to execute commands on groups of servers from a beautiful web interface. DropBox simplified online storage, GitHub simplified revision control, simplifies server orchestration and management.'s fundamental goal is to empower all users (technical or not) to be more efficient, improve their workflow, and eliminate anxiety over server provisioning, maintenance, and deployment.

“We believe that integrated APM and log analytics solutions are a vital component of the new Operations toolkit, and are key to achieving a complete, top-to-bottom view of your systems. We are excited to give New Relic users an out-of-the-box view of your relevant application and system logs. With this integration, you get a much more complete picture of all the information you need to quickly find, understand and fix performance issues.” Trevor Parsons, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Logentries
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Integration Description

The Logentries and New Relic integration enables users to easily see all of their most relevant logs in a centralized location and perform quick, easy analysis for faster time to resolution. By automating a matching search from the New Relic dashboard into the Logentries service (for the same time range and specific key information), New Relic users can quickly access a deep, log-level view of activity to get more precise insight into application and system performance issues.

About Logentries

Logentries is the log management and analytics service built for the cloud, making business insights from machine-generated log data easily accessible to development, IT and business operations teams of all sizes. With the broadest platform support and an open API, Logentries brings the value of log-level data to any system, to any team member, and to a community of more than 25,000 worldwide users.

“Our integration with New Relic will allow users to see the runtime impact of Application Vulnerability Mitigation. Now the efficiency developers gain through implementing AVM solutions can be seen in real time run performance, and in comparison to other security solutions.” Kate Huang, Principal Engineer, Lucent Sky
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Integration Description

Lucent Sky automates the way developers find and fix security vulnerabilities in an off-line, static environment. The integration with New Relic matches applications using both products to monitor their post-AVM run-time performance. This integration demonstrates the improved run-time performance of Lucent Sky AVM compared to other solutions, and brings metrics that were previously only meaningful offline into APM.

About Lucent Sky

Lucent Sky is an enterprise software provider of application vulnerability mitigation (AVM) that saves more than 90% of the time and cost of securing an application. With just a few mouse clicks, Lucent Sky AVM goes through a website's source code, finds and fixes security vulnerabilities, and then delivers the secured source code back to the user for deployment. Lucent Sky makes application security simple, integral and manageable, and is the first commercial solution in application vulnerability mitigation (AVM).

“New Relic offers an excellent platform for Real User Monitoring. When New Relic is combined with Apica LoadTest, our customers are better able to pinpoint the root cause of failures and vastly improve efficiency when analysing test results.” Erik Torlen, VP R&D, Apica
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Integration Description

The Apica LoadTest Portal is where a user designs, runs, and analyzes the results of a load testing project. With the New Relic integration, metrics from a load test can be correlated and analyzed together with New Relic data inside the LoadTest Portal. The integration makes it easier to pinpoint bottlenecks and other issues inside the application environment.

About Apica

Apica provides powerful, best-in-class technology for optimizing the performance of cloud and mobile applications. Apica offers companies and developers alike easy-to-use, cloud-based load testing and web performance monitoring tools to test maximum capacity limits, establish daily performance benchmarks, improve load times, and protect sites and applications from peak loads.

Integration Description

Various community-published and supported Chef cookbooks exist to make New Relic + Chef work great together. You'll find cookbooks for installing New Relic Server monitoring, installing New Relic Plugins, configuring New Relic alerting policies, and more!

About Chef

Chef turns infrastructure into code. With Chef, you can automate how you build, deploy, and manage your infrastructure. Your infrastructure becomes as versionable, testable, and repeatable as application code.

Integration Description

Manage your Heroku apps on-the-go with Nezumi. Also add the New Relic add-on, change your New Relic add-on plan, or launch the New Relic mobile app, from right within Nezumi.

About Nezumi

Marshall works on iOS at Treehouse and is the developer of Nezumi, a mobile app for Heroku. He currently resides in Tampa, FL with his wife and 2 kids.

“Using Evanios Integrations for ServiceNow, our clients are able to take proactive alerting from New Relic and automatically generate incident tickets. They can quickly notify the right person or group to prevent the outage or restore service. New Relic alert data can also be seen through the ServiceNow interface, expanding visibility to the service desk or other interested groups.
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Integration Description

Push your critical New Relic alerts into Evanios and auto-generate events or incident tickets within ServiceNow. Evanios provides a framework for rapid integration of enterprise events into ServiceNow Incident Management or Event Management, enabling a single viewpoint for IT operations through the ServiceNow interface.

About Evanios

Evanios brings together a solid group of consultants and IT thinkers who specialize in IT operations management, with a focus on monitoring, event management, impact management, discovery, and CMDB. We are passionate about IT Service Management, and our leadership team has been consulting in the industry for over 10 years.

All Evanios customers get New Relic free of charge.

Integration Description

Flexiant Concerto is a hosted platform enabling application lifecycle management across multiple clouds. By integrating with New Relic, we are able to offer optimal application monitoring and application aware auto scaling, all accessible via the Flexiant Concerto user interface.

About Flexiant

Flexiant is a leading and innovative provider of cloud management and orchestration software. A complete IaaS software platform that allows telcos, hosters and service providers the ability to build, sell and monetize differentiated cloud services, at scale in days, as well as application lifecycle management across multiple clouds.

All Flexiant customers get New Relic free of charge.

Integration Description

This WordPress plug-in improves New Relic APM monitoring of WordPress sites and enables easy deployment of New Relic Browser monitoring. Approved for use with WordPress VIP sites. Published by Gigaom.

About WordPress

Gigaom reaches over 6.5 million monthly unique readers and continues to be the leading independent voice that demystifies emerging technology through its blog, events and research. We're a new type of media company with a business model that leverages technology, transparency and access to information.

Integration Description

Enhance applications running on Apprenda private platform as a service (PaaS) with New Relic monitoring using bootstrap policies. The New Relic dashboard surfaces thousands of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) from your apps. New Relic gives Apprenda developers insight into how end-users are interacting with the app and the experience they receive throughout the day.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to use New Relic and Apprenda together.

About Apprenda

Apprenda, the leader in enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), powers the next generation of enterprise software development in public, private, and hybrid clouds. As a foundational software layer and application run-time environment, Apprenda abstracts away the complexities of building and delivering modern software applications, enabling enterprises to turn ideas into innovations faster. From the world's largest banks like JPMorgan Chase to healthcare organizations including McKesson and AmerisourceBergen, Apprenda's clients are part of a new class of software-defined enterprises, disrupting industries and winning with software.

“Analyzing performance test results along with the application diagnostics data is a more sophisticated approach to identify and resolve performance issues. This significantly reduces the time involved in information exchanges between different teams and efforts spent in analysis of test results. This leads to increased testing productivity, better application performance, the rapid release of new applications and new features, higher customer satisfaction, and increased revenues. SandStorm-New Relic integration is a step in this direction.” Shirish Bhale, Director of Engineering, Impetus Technologies
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Integration Description

With SandStorm-New Relic integration, the performance test teams are able to view and analyze important metrics like Apdex scores, Database queries etc., using SandStorm reports during the performance test execution cycles. This helps in analyzing all the performance results from a single integrated dashboard. In case of identification of any performance issue, the user can use New Relic console to dive deep into the code and query metrics to get to root cause.

About SandStorm

Impetus offers state-of-the-art technology and R&D services for software development. With Agile and Scrum-based methods for distributed product engineering, the company has been developing innovative products that meet customer demands and deliver value. Impetus' SandStorm is an enterprise performance testing tool that supports Web, Mobile and Big Data applications.

SandStorm New-Relic dashboard
Summary information from New Relic for critical parameters

Apdex drill down
Drill down into Apdex score for each URL to view the trend, behavior during load test

Data performance statistics
Critical database statistics captured by New Relic during load test

Http Dispatcher statistics for the load test

“It always makes sense to use a centralized console which combines the whole monitoring instead of browsing through multiple different user intefraces. The integration provides easy correlation between the New Relic data and other 3rd party sources in a single console.” Nikolay Patrikov, Integrations Architect, Do IT Wise
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Integration Description

With our connector we provide the option to extract the servers, metrics, transactions and alerts from New Relic and deliver them to HP BSM/OMi/SHA/OpsA as topology, metrics or events based on the HP product. Use your key New Relic measurements for predictive analysis or easily correlate them with your existing monitoring solutions.

About Do IT Wise

Do IT Wise is an HP partner with strong expertise in HP monitoring solutions. We are one of the leading companies specialized in integrations between the HP products and 3rd party software.

Integration Description

Get a New Relic account in just a couple clicks—and then instantly deploy New Relic Browser monitoring—all with this simple WordPress plugin. Published by rtCamp.

About rtCamp

rtCamp is a WordPress services company. We provide high quality WordPress themes, plugins, high-traffic server solutions, and also run our own blog-network.

Integration Description

This integration with Slack will allow you to receive updates in a channel when an alert is triggered in New Relic. This includes web, transaction, server and mobile alerts.

New Relic alerts in a Slack channel.

About Slack

Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go.

“ integration with New Relic makes DevOps engineers lives so much better. Now DevOps engineers don't get alerted at mid-night for mundane issues. Instead, resolves them automatically. Even if engineers get alerted, they have relevant diagnostics and context even before they login. And can manage any server on the planet - whether it resides on AWS, or private data centers.” Kiran Gollu, CEO,
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Integration Description seamlessly integrates with New Relic to enable customers define automated corrective or diagnosis actions (runbooks) to be executed whenever the alerts are triggered by New Relic. The actions can be performed for server-level alerts (restarting a hung process on a server), or for application-level alerts (executing a complex diagnostic script on hundreds of servers running a particular application). Get started in 5 min and focus on real work instead of wasting time in fixing those mundane mid-night alerts!

New Relic Integration in five minutes.

Easy rule creation for New Relic alerts.

Don't have an account with New Relic yet? Sign up at's page to get 30 days of APM Pro for free!

About's SaaS platform helps DevOps teams to diagnose and fix IT infrastructure issues automatically, becoming the first line of defense for DevOps engineers. Today's DevOps engineers are faced with the challenge of keeping their infrastructure (servers, and applications) up and running 24x7. The problem is that the servers generate thousands of alerts and all of those alerts need to be looked into manually. With, engineers can focus on the real work, instead of firefighting outages every day. integrates with the popular monitoring and alerting tools to automatically run corrective or diagnostics actions (via runbooks) as soon as an alert is raised. Large enterprises such as Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook (FBAR) use proprietary auto-remediation tools to efficiently resolve mundane alerts. wants to bring one such tool to everyone.

“In today's IT operations world, performance is more critical than ever.

Internet-facing customer sites, internal facing sites, web services, FTP services; you're getting POP'd and pinged from every direction.

That's why you use a tool like New Relic, because you need to know when any of your critical systems go down, and when they go back up.

And now, AlertOps + New Relic can make your life even better. You can route your New Relic web hook notifications to AlertOps using our generic REST API, and rest easy knowing that the notifications will get to the right person or team, and with the right level of urgency. And when New Relic sends the 'up' status notification, AlertOps will shut down the alert.

AlertOps has many features to make your incident management life easier; multi-modal communication, teams with on-call schedules, customizable message routing rules, customizable workflows and escalations, SLA-based severity management, and much more.” Robert Crum, VP Technology, AlertOps
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Integration Description

AlertOps is a powerful, rules-based incident management system that allows you to configure custom alert policies, workflows, escalations, and SLA-based automated incident management. It is extremely flexible and can support inbound and outbound integrations using open APIs. Enterprise features include on-call scheduling, multi-level teams, role-based user and group administration, large group page-outs and much more.

Configure a webhook channel in New Relic.

Configure an inbound mapping rule in AlertOps.

About AlertOps

AlertOps is a SaaS based product from a services-based company. Our goal is to provide the flexibility of custom software with the ease of maintenance and scale of the cloud.

“By using New Relic and Moogsoft together, Ops and DevOps teams get a complete picture of their application performance so they can resolve alerts and incidents faster.” Rob Markovich, CMO, Moogsoft
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Integration Description

Automatically collect and correlate alerts/incidents generated by New Relic in addition to all network, storage and application components in real-time. View the health of your entire IT infrastructure holistically to better collaborate and resolve incidents to maintain optimal performance of your applications and services.

About Moogsoft

Moogsoft is a next-generation manager of managers (MoM), providing an incident early warning and collaborative remediation platform for IT Ops and DevOps teams. Its machine learning approach contextualizes alerts into situations, reducing the number of actionable events that have to be handled, accelerating incident resolution, increasing service quality and reducing costs.

“We rely on New Relic at Wildbit to make sure all our products are functioning properly and performing to the best of their capacity. With two simple steps, this integration sends New Relic notifications for your deployments from DeployBot and makes it easy to see when a deployment is causing an issue.” Dima Sabanin, lead developer DeployBot
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Integration Description

DeployBot's makes it easy to send information about your deployments to New Relic and track your application's behavior with each push to production. Once you've setup your DeployBot account, you can turn on our integration with New Relic in two simple steps. Free for one repository, DeployBot is a single, secure process to build and deploy your application anywhere.

After you connect a repository, DeployBot asks you to choose your deployment option from these server types.

This is the DeployBot dashboard, where we show you commits ready to be deployed and list your recent deployments.

About DeployBot

DeployBot is built by the team at Wildbit, who have over 10 years of experience building products. They provide version control, deployments, and transactional email teams around the world trust.

“Tying New Relic metrics back to feature flags allows LaunchDarkly customers to truly make data driven decisions.” Edith Harbaugh, CEO
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Integration Description

The New Relic integration annotates New Relic transactions with feature flag information. You can use this data to correlate feature flag variations with changes in application performance or error rates.

Easily visualize the performance impact of new features.

Annotate each New Relic transaction with feature flag information.

About LaunchDarkly

LaunchDarkly powers software teams to launch, measure and control their features. With feature flags as a service, you can release functionality to who you want, when you want, and measure the effect.

“Integrating with New Relic gives Load Impact users much deeper insights, making it easier to correlate the results they get from their load tests with the actual performance of their applications.” Robin Gustafsson, Load Impact CTO
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Integration Description

Get a complete understanding of your website and application performance by viewing New Relic data when you run a load test in the Load Impact app.

Find New Relic by clicking the "Integrations" tab on the left menu bar

When running a load test, find the Server Monitoring option and select "Add New Relic Application"

You can see your New Relic data on our real-time testing graph by adding the New Relic data visualization widget.

About Load Impact

Load Impact's automated and on—demand software detects, predicts and analyzes performance problems—providing the information businesses need to proactively optimize their websites, apps and APIs for customers.

“Businesses and teams use a number of different best-in-class business apps and tools such as New Relic to optimize their customers' experience.

But switching between them constantly to monitor activity, updates and changes takes up valuable time every day.

By integrating Intellinote with New Relic, users can save time but still be on top of what's important, actionable or just informational - all from inside Intellinote.” Gene Sohn, Intellinote's CTO and Co-Founder
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Integration Description

Designed to send automatic group or private messages to Intellinote whenever something important happens in New Relic, this integration notifies you and your team on

• Sessions, Interactions and Crashes
• Alerts that tell you something is not right in your app and
• Custom events that you set up

This way, everything that matters to your apps, team and business is always at your fingertips, in Intellinote.

About Intellinote

Intellinote is an award-winning Team Communication and Collaboration platform that offers Task Management, File Sharing, Real-Time Messaging, Video and Audio Conferencing, and Screen Sharing.

Intellinote is used by more than 20,000 global organizations - ranging from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs - to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their teams.

Backed by premier venture capital investors, Intellinote is headquartered in Reston, VA, and can be found online at or on Twitter @IntellinoteInc.

“Many of Vistara's customers use New Relic to provide real-time performance insights into their applications, while Vistara provides the unified command center to manage IT operations. The Vistara integration lets customers see and act on New Relic alerts through a single management platform.” Varma Kunaparaju, CTO
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Integration Description

Visualize and correlate alerts from New Relic in Vistara's IT operations management platform. The Vistara integration supports webhooks to enable Vistara to accept alerts from New Relic.

About Vistara

Vistara is a SaaS platform for IT operations lifecycle management. Vistara provides enterprise IT and service providers the unified command center that they need to manage on-premise infrastructure and dynamic cloud resources and deliver service centric insights to their business.

Integration Description

Centrify Identity Service for New Relic allows organizations to configure, deploy and manage user access to New Relic with just a few clicks, integrating with existing corporate directory. Pre-integrated SAML configuration is easy to deploy and integrated multi factor Authentication is seamless to enable and use. Centrify Identity Service includes comprehensive enterprise mobility management for full application management and single sign on from mobile devices.

About Centrify

Centrify is the leader in securing enterprise identities against cyberthreats that target today's hybrid IT environment of cloud, mobile and on-premises. Centrify protects against the leading point of attack used in data breaches—compromised credentials—by securing an enterprise's users as well as its privileged accounts.

Integration Description

This integration posts notifications to a team on MangoApps when one of your New Relic alerts is triggered. The integration drastically reduces the time it takes to create and post incidents on MangoApps—it provides the perfect way to communicate application alerts with your end-users.

About MangoApps

MangoApps is an enterprise software that uniquely combines Company Intranet, Real-Time Messaging, Team Collaboration Tools, and Social Networking into one seamless product.

A feed view of the New Relic Incident on MangoApps.

“Rollout's SDK provides New Relic's mobile APM users with super powers. Being able to dynamically diagnose issues and actually fix bugs in real-time is a game changer.” Erez Rusovsky, CEO
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Integration Description

Update live iOS apps instantly and dynamically add New Relic iOS SDK calls to live apps.

For more information on how this integration works, go to Rollout's guest post on the New Relic blog.

About Rollout

Rollout is an iOS SDK that enables you to push code-level changes to live native apps instantly, allowing you to diagnose issues and fix bugs immediately.

“New Relic is awesome at providing us a brilliant level of detail on how our apps are performing in the wild. We want X-Cart store owners to benefit from it as well by using this integration.” Nikita Pchelintsev, CTO X-Cart
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Integration Description

This integration interacts with New Relic software installed on your server adding API calls to your X-Cart: names transactions in accordance with X-Cart URL specifics (home page, category page, product page) and adds JS code to track client side performance.

All the information gathered from your site is sent to your New Relic account where you can see detailed reports and get insights on the impact of your store performance to your business.

Using New Relic, mark transactions that are most important for you, such as adding to cart or checkout for example, and set custom alerting for them to promptly receive notifications about any possible sticking points.

About X-Cart

X-Cart is a freemium open source shopping cart software based on PHP and MySQL. They power over 35,000 online web shops in more than 100 countries of the world with GMV $2,3B in 2015.

“To unlock the full potential of the cloud, you need insight that drives action. New Relic’s deep performance analytics offer immense benefit, giving theCloudHealth platform yet another way to give customers insight into rightsizing in their environment.” Joe Kinsella, CTO and founder of CloudHealth Technologies
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Integration Description

Together, New Relic and CloudHealth help you make data-driven decisions to rightsize your cloud infrastructure. When you integrate the two solutions, you get granular performance data and analysis as well as end-to-end visibility across every dimension of your cloud environment, making it easy to provision and optimize resources.

About CloudHealth

CloudHealth Technologies gives organizations a new, more efficient way to visualize, optimize, and automate their cloud environments. CloudHealth’sCloud Service Management platform integrates with services across the datacenter and cloud, giving enterprises, startups, and service providers access to a centralized hub of robust data analytics. Using a policy-driven approach aligned to business processes, customers leverage CloudHealth to drive cost savings, improve agility, enhance security, and reduce complexity. With CloudHealth, customers are able to innovate faster without sacrificing governance or control.

Don't have a New Relic account yet? Sign up for one today and get 30 days of APM Pro for free..

New Relic performance analytics incorporated into CloudHealth Rightsizing Recommendations for EC2.

“We made setting up the integration light and fast so that you can start getting predictive analytics fast!” Alex Saparov, CEO and Co-Founder, Predikat
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Integration Description

Push your New Relic performance data to Smartarget for predictive analysis on future customer churn, life-time value, and application performance. Insert your New Relic API key into the Datasource page on SmartTarget site and we'll start periodically collecting information about your application performance data. Collect information in real time through webhooks and get direct alerts data at personalized urls found in the SmartTarget's Datasource page.

Don't have a NR account yet? Sign up for one to make the integration even easier to set up.

See Predikat metrics in NR by installing the Predikat plugin.

See NR metrics in Predikat!

About Predikat

Predikat is a based in Ottawa, Canada and has built SmarTarget, a predictive analytics application to manage future churn, life-time value and application performance for SaaS companies.

Integration Description

Enable New Relic to get deep insight into the performance of your implementation of ExpressionEngine® CMS. View system calls, database and add-on performance through traces and more. Most importantly, gain insight into how well your individual templates are performing.

Don't have a NR account yet? Sign up for one to start your free Pro trial today!

ExpressionEngine allows you to customize the App name to make monitoring multiple installations on your server a breeze.

About ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is a time-tested flexible and secure CMS. It lets you deliver your content to any platform, with any markup or design. Create once, publish your universe everywhere.

“We created this integration to allow multi-source correlation and process automation and with it, we have seen customers achieving better resolution times and cost reduction.” Idan Harel, CEO
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Integration Description

The integration between New Relic Alerts and ServiceNow Event Management module is certified by the ServiceNow certification team. It collects all New Relic alerts and delivers them as events in ServiceNow where some OOTB rules turn them into Alerts and Incidents.

About Do IT Wise

Do IT Wise is a leading provider of integrations and services in Europe and Americas. We can do any custom integration between New Relic and other products.

“The UserReplay integration to New Relic enables you to replay visually exactly what happened during a session of interest and reveals the business relevance and revenue impact of technical issues. The technical request and response data enables you to see exactly what is causing the problem, meaning time consuming replication of bugs is a thing of the past.” John Thompson, CEO
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Integration Description

UserReplay has integrated with New Relic to provide true end-to-end insight into the Digital Customer Experience.

UserReplay connects New Relic to video-like replays of visitor interactions with your website and allows users to understand business-critical events impacting the site experience.

UserReplay captures request and response data on top of replays and, through the New Relic integration, allows back-end information, for example relevant server calls, to be linked together for rapid issue resolution.

About UserReplay

UserReplay is a Digital Customer Experience Analytics software solution that is designed to make life easier for the technical team to resolve issues, as well as improving revenue performance.

The company’s platform enables businesses to discover the truth about their customers’ digital experience. It combines replay of customer journeys with 100% of the technical request and response data behind every journey and sophisticated analytics that identify customer struggles and monetizes their impact.

This helps improve conversion, resolve technical and usability issues more quickly, recover lost customers and prevent fraud. Aimed at medium to large enterprises with digital channels, UserReplay has the flexibility to be deployed as SaaS or installed software.

“New Relic tells you when things go wrong—data from Split can help you understand why. Bring new insights into New Relic and correlate when a code change or feature rollout aligns with a shift in performance.” Adil Aijaz, Co-Founder & CEO
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Integration Description

Split gives anyone on your team the power to launch and control feature experiments anywhere in the stack. Split's New Relic integration gives teams the power to correlate feature launches with performance data in New Relic, reducing time-to-resolution and improving the analysis of feature-level impact.

Split provides detailed data on when feature and experiment statuses change, which can be automatically sent to New Relic via our integration.

About Split

Split is the leading platform for intelligent software delivery, helping businesses of all sizes deliver exceptional user experiences, and mitigate risk, by providing an easy, secure way to target features to customers. Companies like WePay, LendingTree and thredUP rely on Split to safely launch and test new features and derive insights on their use. To learn more about Split, contact, or start a 14-day free trial at

“WordPress powers some of the largest sites on the internet today. Our plugin gives the people who manage those sites the tools they need to rapidly and effectively troubleshoot and analyze their WordPress installation using familiar WordPress names and concepts.” Vasken Hauri, VP of Engineering
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Integration Description

WP New Relic adds WordPress-specific information from your application servers into New Relic APM and Insights. Track and analyze application data by Post ID, User ID for logged-in Transactions, Theme and Template info, and more! A must-have for those running WordPress in production.

Drill down to see performance for a particular Post ID

Get a count of Transactions for a single Post

Analyze Transactions in a WordPress context, from individual posts to taxonomy pages and beyond!

About WP New Relic

10up makes the internet better with consultative creative and engineering services, innovative tools, and dependable products that take the pain out of content creation and management, in service of digital experiences that advance business and marketing objectives. We’re a group of people built to solve problems, made to create, wired to delight.

“With the integration of Nouvola with New Relic, Nouvola advances its mission to streamline the world of performance testing for software developers. It is now quicker and easier than ever to rapidly run high load, real-world scenarios and have complete visibility into the application performance, including stack and infrastructure metrics.” Paola Moretto, Nouvola CEO
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Integration Description

Nouvola DiveData combines New Relic metrics, Nouvola performance testing data and proprietary Nouvola machine learning technology to generate the data needed by developers to identify and fix relevant software bottlenecks, adding another layer of data analysis and diagnostic to Nouvola DiveCloud. If a slowdown is identified in specific conditions, you can not only reproduce those conditions but diagnose the problem and identify what actions need to be taken to fix it.

About Nouvola

Nouvola is the leading provider of performance testing and load testing helping developers, DevOps and engineering managers release better code faster and ensuring their web, mobile, API and IoT applications are real-world ready. Designed for and by developers, Nouvola's innovative platform significantly simplifies performance testing at any stage of the development flow. Intelligent automation and machine learning simplify performance testing and enable developers to test across any load, any device, any geo so bottlenecks are identified before they impact production.

“The partnership between Buddy and New Relic provides essential real-time view into production environments performance. With the integration teams can deliver faster and rest assured that any issues can be tracked down instantly in a single deployment event.”
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Integration Description

Automatically send New Relic deploy notifications after Buddy deploys your app. Buddy has a dedicated action for New Relic that you can use in its continuous deployment pipelines.

About Buddy

Automatically build and ship web projects on a single git push, on click, or recurrently. Easily define your own delivery process just like you build a house of bricks: from builds and tests, to deployments, custom scripts, and website monitoring.

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