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New Relic Connect

New Relic Connect allows partners to easily mix New Relic’s application performance monitoring data with their own apps and services to create new experiences for YOU, our awesome customers.

  • Bitium Integrate Bitium and New Relic to give users single sign-on through Bitium or SAML. Learn More
  • AppFirst Visualize New Relic data in the AppFirst DevOps Dashboard to ensure your customers are delighted and that your app is performing at its peak. Learn More
  • Solano Labs Connects the dots from development to production by automatically posting New Relic deploy notifications after Tddium deploys your app. Learn More
  • Overlay New Relic application performance data on your Blitz response time charts to see how your app performs under a Blitz load test, all in a single view. Learn More
  • cedexis Use New Relic application performance data in Cedexis Openmix to take action on the current state of your app and dynamically adjust your cloud routing decisions. Learn More
  • Circonus Correlate New Relic data with the rest of your systems, services and business telemetry. Learn More
  • Leftronic Let Leftronic automatically pull key New Relic app metrics and display them side-by-side with metrics from other services, giving you the big picture. Learn More
  • Lighthouse Add ticketing capabilities to New Relic by configuring New Relic with Lighthouse to create Lighthouse tickets directly from Transaction Traces, errors, and notes. Learn More
  • JIRA Add ticketing capabilities to New Relic by configuring New Relic with JIRA to create JIRA issues directly from Transaction Traces, errors, and notes. Learn More
  • Pivotal Tracker Add ticketing capabilities to New Relic by configuring New Relic with Pivotal Tracker to create Pivotal Tracker stories from Transaction Traces, errors, and notes. Learn More
  • HipChat Configure New Relic with HipChat to automatically forward and share alerts to a HipChat room. Learn More
  • PagerDuty Configure New Relic with PagerDuty to allow New Relic to trigger acknowledge, and resolve new PagerDuty incidents for downtime events. Learn More
  • Campfire Configure New Relic with Campfire to automatically forward alerts and deployment notifications to your protected chat rooms. Learn More
  • CFEngine Integrate New Relic with CFEngine to roll-out New Relic server agents and ensure that they are always running across any infrastructure. Learn More
  • Auth0 Use GitHub, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Active Directory, Office365, Google Apps, LDAP or custom databases for Single Sign On with New Relic. Learn More
  • BlazeMeter View your New Relic application performance data on your BlazeMeter dashboard to easily monitor end-user experience and application system KPIs while load testing. Learn More
  • SOASTA Set up and run full-scale performance tests and let New Relic and SOASTA work in tandem to enable real-time, agile performance testing in production. Learn More
  • Loggly Toggle between Loggly and New Relic while maintaining a selected timeframe to correlate important log and performance data to pinpoint performance issues. Learn More
  • Geckoboard View critical information from all your New Relic instances on a single dashboard alongside other business metrics with the Geckoboard New Relic widget. Learn More
  • Neustar Integrate New Relic with Neustar Alerting to respond to events and take intelligent actions based on your application performance data. Learn More
  • OpsGenie Integrate New Relic with OpsGenie to use on-call schedules, escalations, severity and time based alert policies, and send targeted notifications via SMS, phone and mobile push notifications. Learn More
  • Okta Enable seamless authentication and Active Directory integration with easy-to-use SAML based Single Sign On. Learn More
  • OneLogin Connect your internal Active Directory or LDAP Server to New Relic, enjoy Single Sign On (SSO) at the office or on the go, and enforce multi-factor authentication. Learn More
  • Palomino Labs Write Coda Hale's Metrics as New Relic custom metrics. Learn More
  • Palomino Labs Capture and view timing data and exceptions from Jersey resources within New Relic. Learn More
  • Ping Identity Secure SAML connection to New Relic for Single Sign On. Learn More
  • ProxiBlue Integrate New Relic into your Magento site to easily monitor your site performance, and more, directly from your Magento Admin Panel. Learn More
  • Railsware Quickly return to previously selected timeframes in New Relic in one click to make performance troubleshooting even faster and easier. Learn More
  • Connect New Relic with to publicly display performance metrics and keep all of your customers up to date with any backend incidents. Learn More
  • New Relic Data Menu Bars Monitor and launch your New Relic Dashboard from your Menu Bar. Learn More
  • ScienceLogic Integrate New Relic into ScienceLogic’s EM7 multi-tenant platform, ScienceLogic’s real time performance, configuration, and fault analytics infrastructure. Learn More
  • W3 Total Cache Integrate New Relic right into the WordPress Administration panel with W3 Total Cache and make scaling and troubleshooting WordPress easier than ever. Learn More
  • Yireo for Magento Simply extend New Relic to monitor your Magento sites. Learn More
  • Yireo for Joomla! Simply extend New Relic to monitor your Joomla! sites. Learn More
  • Zapier Connect New Relic to hundreds of web services. Send New Relic SMS or email alerts, report new GitHub or Beanstalk commits to New Relic, and much more. Learn More
  • Zyrion Integrate application performance metrics from New Relic into Zyrion's multi-tenant Cloud and IT infrastructure monitoring platform. Learn More
  • AdvancedREI Stay on top of all of your New Relic monitored applications on your Windows Phone. Learn More
  • Salesforce Identity Enable single sign-on across New Relic and any other web, mobile and on-premise apps using Salesforce Identity. Learn More
  • xMatters Instantly notify, escalate, and collaborate on New Relic alerts using your own custom built messages. Learn More
  • Know Normal Add Know Normal to unlock the power in your New Relic APM data. Learn More
  • Integrate and New Relic to notify your end-users about potential application issues. Learn More
  • Just the Facts Deliver key New Relic metrics such as application response time and error rate to your inbox every day. Learn More
  • VictorOps Integrate New Relic data into your VictorOps feed to reduce incident time-to-resolution. Learn More
  • Produban Enable New Relic Monitoring for Java apps deployed on OpenShift JBoss AS 7. Learn More
  • BigPanda Integrate New Relic into BigPanda to enhance collaboration around application errors. Learn More
  • Install New Relic server monitoring on your infrastructure with Learn More
  • Logentries See relevant logs in a centralized location and perform quick, easy analysis for faster time to resolution. Learn More
  • Lucent Sky Easily navigate from within Lucent Sky AVM to a specific application that uses New Relic APM. Learn More
  • Apica Correlate metrics from a load test with New Relic data inside the Apica LoadTest Portal to easily pinpoint bottlenecks and other issues. Learn More
  • Chef Find community-published and supported Chef cookbooks for installing New Relic. Learn More
  • Nezumi Manage your Heroku apps while on-the-go from your iOS or Android device. Learn More
  • Evanios Auto-generate ServiceNow events or incident tickets from New Relic alerts. Learn More
  • Flexiant Integrate Flexiant Concerto with New Relic for optimal application monitoring and application aware auto scaling. Learn More
  • WordPress Enhance New Relic APM monitoring of WordPress sites and easily deploy New Relic Browser monitoring. Learn More
  • Apprenda Enhance applications running on Apprenda private platform as a service (PaaS) with New Relic monitoring using bootstrap policies. Learn More
  • SandStorm Impetus's SandStorm integrates with New Relic to provide insightful information on the application code and infrastructure performance during load testing. Learn More
  • Do It Wise Bring all the New Relic data to your existing HP environment. Learn More
  • rtCamp Instantly deploy New Relic Browser monitoring to your WordPress site with this simple WordPress plugin. Learn More
  • Slack Receive updates in a Slack channel when an alert is triggered in New Relic. Learn More
  • Helps DevOps engineers diagnose and fix their New Relic alerts automatically with rules and runbooks, resulting in a peaceful on-call schedule. Learn More
  • AlertOps Connect New Relic to AlertOps to send, acknowledge and assign your alerts via voice, email, SMS and push notifications using rule-based alert policies, on-call schedules, SLA-based escalations and workflows. Learn More
  • Moogsoft Automatically collect and correlate alerts/incidents generated by New Relic in addition to all other network, storage and application alerts/incidents in real-time. Learn More
  • DeployBot DeployBot's two-step integration process makes it easy to send information about your deployments to New Relic and track your application's behavior with each push to production. Learn More
  • LaunchDarkly Assess the performance impact of new features and quickly determine what action to take. Learn More
  • Load Impact Get a complete understanding of your website and application performance by viewing New Relic data when you run a load test in the Load Impact app. Learn More
  • Intellinote Send group/private messages to your team in Intellinote when your app-related triggers are fired in New Relic. Learn More
  • Vistara Connect New Relic with Vistara to visualize and correlate alerts from New Relic. Learn More
  • Centrify Centrify Identity Service for New Relic provides secure corporate directory integration for true single sign-on to New Relic web and mobile applications. Learn More
  • MangoApps The integration of New Relic With MangoApps allow you to receive updates into a MangoApps teams for the following New Relic alerts: Alerts from applications; Alerts from key transactions; Alerts from servers Learn More
  • Rollout Update live iOS apps instantly and dynamically add New Relic iOS SDK calls to live apps. Learn More
  • X-Cart Monitor and improve X-Cart store performance and customer experience from home page to checkout, giving a full and clear idea of all possible trouble points in web store functioning. Learn More
  • CloudHealth New Relic and CloudHealth help you make data-driven decisions to rightsize your cloud infrastructure. Learn More
  • Predikat Push your New Relic performance data to Smartarget for predictive analysis on future customer churn, life-time value, and application performance Learn More
  • ExpressionEngine Enable New Relic to get deep insight into the performance of your implementation of ExpressionEngine CMS. Learn More
  • Do IT Wise Collect all New Relic alerts and deliver them as events in ServiceNow where OOTB rules turn them into Alerts and Incidents, achieving better resolution times and cost reduction. Learn More
  • UserReplay UserReplay has integrated with New Relic to provide video quality session replay and full end-to-end insight into the Digital Customer Experience. Learn More
  • Split Correlate feature experiments anywhere in your stack with performance data in New Relic. Learn More
  • WP New Relic Get detailed, WordPress-specific data in New Relic APM and Insights. Learn More
  • Nouvola Integrate Nouvola performance testing data with New Relic APM metrics to identify performance issues and bottlenecks in minutes. Learn More
  • Buddy Automatically send notification to New Relic after Buddy deploys your app. Learn More
  • Your App Here Build an integration between New Relic and your app and offer it here. Learn More
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