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New Relic Datanauts

Become a New Relic Ambassador

Explore everything the New Relic Community has to offer and gain recognition and rewards for your contributions.

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Become a New Relic Ambassador

What is the New Relic Ambassador Program?

It’s our way of recognizing the efforts of our community and thanking you for sharing your New Relic story. Whether by giving talks, writing blog posts or participating on our community forum—we want to know what you’re creating and encourage you to continue to create.

What does an Ambassador do?

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Collaborate with the New Relic community.

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Complete exciting challenges.

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Help organize and attend community events.

Why participate in the New Relic Ambassador Program?

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Share your expertise about web performance and New Relic.

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Receive recognition and rewards from the New Relic community.

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Gain valuable skills and become a top influencer.

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Grow your brand and expand your network of fellow Datanauts around the world.

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Collaborate with the New Relic Community and complete exciting challenges.

Get rewards

Sticker packs  |  Exclusive access to internal New Relic teams  |  Exclusive apparel

Share your expertise

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