The Essential Guide to Cloud Migration Monitoring

You can’t wait until after your workloads are in the cloud to determine if your migration went well.

Early and complete instrumentation is essential if you want to have a fast, painless, and successful cloud migration. From prioritizing and preparing workloads for the move, to maintaining application health during the migration, to demonstrating the bottom-line benefits once you’re in the cloud, New Relic can help you at every phase.

Read our free ebook The Essential Guide to Cloud Migration Monitoring and learn detailed tips and best practices for your cloud migration, including:

  • The three critical questions you need to ask—and make sure you answer—for any cloud migration
  • The key considerations and metrics you should look at within each of three migration phases (Plan, Migrate, Run)
  • How to use New Relic to establish performance baselines, identify issues and roadblocks, begin acceptance testing, and validate success for your migration
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