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  • Delivers a consistently positive customer experience with the ability to meet variable traffic demands
  • Gained the ability to scale up for biggest days and promotions
  • Accelerated e-commerce sales channel growth from 7% to 25%
  • Migrated 100% of workloads successfully to AWS
  • Drove efficiency within DevOps and across the e-commerce business

Gandhi Bookstores Delivers Consistently Great Customer Experience with New Relic

Founded in June 1971, Gandhi Bookstores has 42 stores in Mexico and an e-commerce business started in 1996 that has grown to host the most extensive catalogue of books in the country. Today, the e-commerce website hosts more than 1.8 million visitors annually and processes more than 15,000 orders a month. 

With extensive expansion over the past 10 years, the e-commerce platform has had to evolve to meet demand. In addition to day-to-day sales activity, Gandhi Bookstores has driven website traffic with special promotions including a yearly holiday “Hot Sale” week. However, hindered by a lack of visibility across the full environment, the company struggled to meet peak demand during these periods. As a result, performance and customer experience suffered.

Gandhi Bookstores needed to enhance the customer experience and determined that it needed to be able to monitor DevOps as well as cloud infrastructure. The company reached out to AWS, New Relic, and Menta Network for help establishing a monitoring strategy.

The three companies worked together to facilitate Gandhi Bookstores’ migration from its on-premise solution to AWS. Menta and New Relic provided planning, analytics, and monitoring to enable an accelerated migration, eliminating trial and error by providing clear visibility from the frontend all the way through to the infrastructure. New Relic also helped Gandhi Bookstores’ DevOps team establish KPIs to drive efficiency.

In New Relic and Menta Network, Gandhi Bookstores found the guidance and technology needed to connect every point system and the visibility to optimize e-commerce performance. New Relic instrumentation allows Gandhi Bookstores to understand with certainty why some errors occur and whether they occur in the software or at the infrastructure level. This helps shorten the detection to resolution time.

With New Relic, Gandhi Bookstores now receives alerts prior to a disruption in the user experience, and the team can more proactively improve its code to deliver an overall better digital customer experience.

“Today we can continuously deploy updates to the site, since the real-time results provided by New Relic allow us to solve problems within seconds of their occurrence,” explains Efrén Tapia, E-Commerce Manager, Gandhi Bookstores.

“Today we can continuously deploy updates to the site, since the real-time results provided by New Relic allow us to solve problems within seconds of their occurrence.”

Efrén Tapia E-Commerce Manager, Gandhi Bookstores

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