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Why New Relic

The best tool on the market, supported by a world-class team

  • Achieved unprecedented visibility across complex system
  • Increased customer satisfaction by proactively identifying and fixing issues to achieve optimal performance
  • Created flexible partnership to help ensure maximum value for both New Relic and DNN

DNN Partners with New Relic to Heighten Customer Satisfaction

DNN’s products and technology are the foundation for more than 750,000 websites worldwide. The company began in 2006 as DotNetNuke, an open-source web content management system (CMS) built on Microsoft .NET. Since incorporating in 2009, the company has introduced a full suite of commercial CMS and social community solutions that are available both on premise and in the cloud.

Analyzing application performance at the process level

For DNN, application performance management is a must-have inthree key areas. First, customers rely on DNN’s Evoq products to create websites and manage user communities, so speed and reliability are critical to maintaining high levels of satisfaction. Second, DNN’s public website is the company’s virtual front door, and site performance plays a major role in making a strong first impression. Finally, the company’s online store enables customers to buy modules and other extensions for their DNN products. Just one slow transaction can be enough to damage a customer’s perception of the brand and prompt him or her to look for an alternate solution.

“We tried a few different approaches to monitoring, but we couldn’t get the visibility we needed,” says Bob Kruger, senior vice president of engineering at DNN. “Nagios gave us the insight we needed to manage servers, but we still couldn’t analyze performance at the process level. We were practically running in the dark.”

New Relic partnership adds significant value for DNN customers

When the DNN team began looking at options in the market, they were immediately impressed by the robust, comprehensive offering from New Relic—and even more impressed by the people. “Ultimately, we were looking for a partner,” says Kruger. “We wanted to work with an organization that could add value by integrating their monitoring technology with our Evoq solutions, particularly in the cloud. The New Relic folks worked very closely with us to integrate their solution with our product. They were amazingly committed. I could send them an email any time of the day, and I’d usually get a response within an hour.”

As Kruger suspected, DNN’s new integrated monitoring capabilities, powered by New Relic, proved to be a very attractive selling point. “With New Relic, we can help our customers optimize the performance of their websites and online communities by quickly identifying problem areas, whether they’re on premise or in the cloud,” says Kruger. “It’s a crucial component of our managed service offering. And of course we use New Relic to monitor our own properties as well, from the public site to the online store.”

In addition to integrating New Relic with its Evoq Content and Social cloud offerings, DNN relies on New Relic technology to manage the performance of its public website, online store, and customer-facing solutions like Evoq Content and Evoq Social. In every case, New Relic provides the data necessary to troubleshoot issues that might otherwise evade diagnosis. For example, when the DNN team observed an unusually high number of app restarts in the company’s Microsoft Azure environment, New Relic pinpointed the source of the problem almost as soon as DNN noticed it. “With New Relic, we can look in so many directions at once,” says Kruger. “We can look at server issues. We can look at activity on the process level. We can even see what’s going on across the .NET foundation or in the Azure environment. That level of visibility is essential for us.”

“Customers expect a lot from us, especially if they’re using our managed services. They expect our Evoq products to be available and responsive at all times. Our reputation is on the line here. New Relic helps ensure that we’re delivering and supporting a robust product, no matter what.”

Bob Kruger Senior Vice President of Engineering, DNN

Achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction

For DNN, partnering with New Relic contributes to higher levels of customer satisfaction. “Customers expect a lot from us, especially if they’re using our Evoq managed services,” says Kruger. “They expect our solutions to be available and responsive at all times. Our reputation is on the line here. The Apdex capability in New Relic helps a lot with measuring customer satisfaction.”

The New Relic partnership is also valuable because of the flexibility that both companies bring to the table. “From the beginning, we spoke very frankly about the kind of relationship we wanted,” says Kruger. “New Relic was eager to find an arrangement that would work for both of us. As far as I’m concerned, that level of flexibility is precisely what makes a good partnership.”

Going forward, Kruger hopes to leverage New Relic more deeply in the DNN infrastructure. “We still have a lot of opportunities to improve accuracy and reliability,” he says. “We also hope to eventually make some of our New Relic data available through a public portal so customers can see directly the quality of service they’re receiving from DNN. Those are just a few of the ideas we’re entertaining right now—and as far as I’m concerned, we’re just getting started.”

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