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Why New Relic

Delivers deep insight into application behavior and resource usage in the cloud

  • Gives clients end-to-end visibility into their cloud-based applications
  • Helps clients more efficiently, effectively take advantage of the cloud
  • Enables BMSIX client, one of the largest Brazilian Retailers, to quickly remedy performance issues for its complex ecommerce system

BMSIX Uses New Relic to Help Clients Optimize Cloud-Based Applications

BMSIX is a Brazilian cloud services company that specializes in migrating, deploying, and managing applications in the cloud for its clients. Founded in 2011, BMSIX partners with Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google Apps, Trend Micro, Double-Take, and others to provide cloud computing and services. The managed cloud services provider currently has more than 100 clients, including some of the largest companies in Brazil.

Taking clients to the cloud

While companies want to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud – greater agility, scalability, time to market, and more – they don’t always have the expertise in-house to do so. That’s where BMSIX comes in. Focused 100% on cloud services, BMSIX provides companies in Brazil with cloud expertise to help them migrate applications from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or deploy new applications in the cloud. Once deployed, BMSIX then manages the application environment for its clients.

“We provide managed services for the client, including backup, high availability, disaster recovery, and monitoring,” says Fabricio Barros, CEO at BMSIX. “A core part of the value we bring to the client is that we understand the application running in the cloud and can identify areas where the customer can optimize performance of the application or improve the customer experience.” Barros admits that sometimes the applications that are migrated or deployed in the cloud have not been developed using best practices. “That’s why our clients need detailed insight into why their applications aren’t performing as expected,” says Barros.

To deliver that insight at the application level, BMSIX realized it needed a robust software analytics solution designed to work in any cloud environment. “While our cloud services partners such as Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft offer virtualization layer monitoring, we wanted to provide our clients with much deeper insight at the application level,” says Thiago Benevides, product and alliance manager at BMSIX. “That’s why we turned to New Relic.”

Fixing issues faster and optimizing the experience for end users

The BMSIX team encourages all its clients to use New Relic for end-toend visibility into the customer experience. Barros cites an example of one BMSIX’s customers, one of the largest retailers in Brazil and one of the leading fashion retailers in Europe with 1,575 stores in 21 European countries. BMSIX manages the retailers’ cloud-based ecommerce system, which includes multiple interfaces and services, including integration with the client’s back ofce systems for customer information, invoicing, and other functions. “With New Relic, we can pinpoint the source of problems with their ecommerce system,” says Barros. “This has saved the retailer considerable time trying to troubleshoot problems across all the components and vendors involved in the system.”

One customer in the Brazilian banking segment is deploying a new savings bond product across Brazil, of which it is expecting to sell millions. The company’s application environment is IBM WebSphere running on top of IBM SoftLayer. The application supporting the sales of the bonds interfaces with many other systems and services. “We use New Relic to help the banking company to gain visibility into applications performance and identify any bottlenecks,” says Benevides. “Now the customer has a complete, end-to-end picture of application performance from WebSphere and SoftLayer through the front-end.”

With New Relic in their tool belt, BMSIX is able to ensure their clients are receiving real-time insight into the health of their application and cloud environment. Empowered with detailed software analytics, BMSXI clients in turn can more efectively troubleshoot and optimize their modern applications.

“While our cloud services partners such as Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft ofer virtualization layer monitoring, we wanted to provide our clients with much deeper insight at the application level. That’s why we turned to New Relic.”

Thiago Benevides Product and Alliance Manager, BMSIX

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