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10 reasons software engineers and developers should be at FutureStack 2022

See the 10 reasons why software engineers and developers should attend FutureStack 2022 in Las Vegas on May 17–19.

3 min read

Amy Reinholds

Passionate about UX? Pay attention to web performance metrics

Learn why measuring the user experience of web application performance takes you beyond application health—and results in happy users.

1 min read

Kim Hickey

Introducing our next-generation runtime for synthetic monitoring

Learn about New Relic’s updated synthetic monitoring runtime, which makes it easier to test user flows and maintain browser compatibility over time.

3 min read


Aditi Phadke

New Relic launches industry’s first HIPAA-compliant observability platform

Unlike other monitoring tools that only offer log management, New Relic empowers engineers with all of their telemetry data. Protect patient data with HIPAA-compliant accounts.

3 min read

John Withers

Diana Barnes-Brown

Monitoring service mesh performance with Istio and New Relic

Learn how to use New Relic and Prometheus to monitor the performance of your Istio service mesh, including your Envoy proxies.

8 min read

Daniel Kim

Export dashboards with Python and the NerdGraph API

Learn how to export dashboards as PDFs and PNGs from New Relic with Python and the NerdGraph API.

3 min read

Steve Ng

How BASF Agricultural Solutions uses New Relic

Learn how BASF's Agricultural Solutions Department and New Relic engineers built a custom app that correlates business KPIs with cloud environments.

5 min read

Leif Geiger

Discover and debug errors with CodeStream

Learn how CodeStream can help you debug errors easier. Now available for EU data centers.

4 min read

Rachel Siemens

New Relic launches API monitoring with Postman integration

Learn how to monitor APIs with the Postman integration for New Relic.

5 min read

Louis Leung

Anthony Rogers

Introducing service level management

Service level management is now generally available as part of New Relic One to provide cross-organizational teams a common definition of reliability.

5 min read

Dan Holloran

Export your telemetry data with Python and the NerdGraph API

Learn how to export your telemetry data in New Relic with Python and the NerdGraph API.

4 min read

Steve Ng

API-enabled architecture: 3 approaches to IT modernization for banks

… the customer impacts of COVID-19 via digital engagement, since the digital infrastructure is already in … have adopted architectural transformation strategies, including …

6 min read

Manesh Tailor

Better monitoring for your Netlify sites with log drains for New Relic One

Learn how ingesting your Netlify logs in New Relic helps you monitor your Netlify applications, automatically populating your dashboards.

3 min read

Dion Keeton

Learn about leadership and observability at LeadDev NYC

Join New Relic DevRel engineers at LeadDev NYC 2022 for sessions covering everything from coding to career to on-call systems.

1 min read

Leon Adato

FutureHack 2022

Join New Relic for a 24-hour hackathon at the FutureStack conference.

2 min read

Jemiah Sius

Adopting the practice of SRE

Learn what it takes to get into site reliability engineering (SRE), how to adopt it within your own organization, and best practices for your SRE maturity journey.

7 min read

Dan Holloran

FutureStack 2022

Join us at FutureStack 2022 by registering today.

2 min read

Michelle Scharlock

Automate your tags with Python and the NerdGraph API

Learn how to create, read, update, and delete tags in New Relic with Python and the NerdGraph API.

5 min read

Steve Ng

How to instrument your Battlesnake with New Relic

Learn how to use New Relicto monitor your Battlesnake performance, server, and web application in real time.

4 min read

Pachi Parra

DAZN’s head of SRE on conquering instant releases

DAZN’s head of site reliability engineering (SRE) Craig Mclean shares his advice on testing, retrospectives, and getting to 5,000 live releases a day.

3 min read

Delia Behr

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