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Absolutely simple metrics with Flex

Learn how to set up customer metrics with the New Relic flex integration in this multipart blog series.

7 min read

Leon Adato

Java garbage collection: What is it and how does it work?

Learn about how Java garbage collection works and how you can monitor your application to ensure garbage collection isn't impacting performance.

8 min read

Franz Knupfer

Java performance monitoring

Learn how to improve the performance of your Java applications by optimizing your code and using a performance monitoring tool.

6 min read

Franz Knupfer

Monitor GitLab with OpenTelemetry and New Relic

Monitor GitLab pipelines with New Relic, making it easier to get observability into your CI/CD pipeline health and performance.

10 min read

Diogo Daniel Pacheco

Everything I needed to know about tech, I learned from The Rings of Power

Find out some life lessons of IT practitioners through the lens of Tolkien.

3 min read

Leon Adato

Absolutely simple Flex

Learn how the New Relic Flex integration can help you set up a custom system to capture your metrics. Part two in a series.

9 min read

Leon Adato

Using Terraform to generate New Relic dashboards from NRQL queries

… Using Terraform to generate New Relic dashboards from NRQL queries how-to-relic … when you want to create dynamic dashboards. In this blog, you’ll learn how … shows you how to build compl

5 min read

James Buchanan

Import all your custom data with just one tool

Learn how you can ingest any custom data to New Relic with the Flex integration. Part one of a series.

3 min read

Michelle Scharlock

Dynamically creating New Relic dashboards with Terraform

… Dynamically creating New Relic dashboards with Terraform how-to-relic By … comes to creating dynamically generated dashboards.  Part one of this series shows …   Using Terraform to genera

7 min read

James Buchanan

Build dynamic dashboards with template variables

… Build dynamic dashboards with template variables … who need to interact with your custom dashboards to quickly access relevant data … users, you’ll want to make your dashboards

4 min read

Jason Ng

Data Plus pricing: Affordable observability at scale

Introducing Data Plus for affordable, at-scale query performance with extended retention, logs obfuscation, and more included at $0.50/GB of ingest.

6 min read

John Kinmonth

Emory Zhao

Karl Henrik Smith

Creating dashboards with Terraform and JSON templates

… Creating dashboards with Terraform and JSON … your Terraform-provisioned New Relic dashboards without having to convert them … use the extended features of New Relic dashboards

5 min read

James Buchanan

Monitor Elasticsearch with the New Relic Ruby agent

Learn how the New Relic engineering team uses metaprogramming to instrument elasticsearch-ruby—and how to monitor Elasticsearch in your Ruby apps.

5 min read

Hannah Ramadan

Tanna McClure

A guide to building and measuring sustainable IT—with metrics

Use this quick guide to learn what to look at when building and implementing sustainable IT, including the metrics to measure impact.

6 min read

Delia Behr

How to monitor CDN performance with New Relic quickstarts

Learn about our partner quickstarts integrations that make it easy to monitor your CDN performance with Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, and Fastly

10 min read

Abhi Pandey

Anna Alfano

Explore new customization options for New Relic dashboards

… new customization options for New Relic dashboards how-to-relic By Louis Leung, … Manager at New Relic. New Relic dashboards let you analyze telemetry data … entire stack, regardless of the

7 min read

Louis Leung

E-commerce guide for Black Friday: Are your sites and apps ready?

Learn best practices to make sure your company doesn’t leave money on the table on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or whatever your biggest e-commerce days may be.

12 min read

James Buchanan

10 common struggles with cloud-native infrastructure

Are you looking to transition to a cloud-based infrastructure? Here are the most common challenges with cloud-native architecture to look out for.

7 min read

Dayne Miller

Observe every trace so you can find and fix issues fast

Learn how New Relic distributed tracing is designed for software and technology teams to capture, visualize, and analyze traces.

5 min read

Yoram Mireles

Five key findings from the 2022 Observability Forecast report

Learn what technology professionals have to say about the state and future of observability.

6 min read

Peter Pezaris

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