Kubernetes in the Wild webinar

Kubernetes can help ease and speed software delivery cycles, but requires a very different approach to management and monitoring than a traditional environment. How should you architect the right observability for your container platform so it always works the way you want—and need—it to?

In this webinar recording, watch New Relic Kubernetes Evangelist Stijn go over a deep-dive on Kubernetes and a monitoring demo with New Relic. You’ll learn:

  • The five stages of Kubernetes observability maturity and why they matter
  • How to rethink and adapt your monitoring strategies to address the complexity of distributed systems
  • How to effectively monitor and measure your container environment’s performance


This webinar is part of our Decoding DevOps webinar series. Other webinar topics in the series include AIOps and a DevOps talk with Gene Kim. Learn more and watch the series.

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