Kubernetes in the Wild: Best Practices for K8s Adoption [Russian]

Technologies like Docker and Kubernetes can help ease and speed software delivery cycles, but require a very different approach to management and monitoring than a traditional environment. How should you architect your container platform so it works the way you want—and need—it to? Join New Relic Ksenia Morozo for a deep-dive into Kubernetes.

You'll learn:

  • The five stages of Kubernetes observability maturity and why they matter
  • How to rethink and adapt your monitoring strategies to address the complexity of distributed systems
  • How to effectively monitor and measure your container environment’s performance


Ксения Морозова, Солюшн Инженер в Ню Релик

Ксения работает в Ню Релик больше года. Она любит просвещать русскоязычную аудиторию о Ню Релике и его новинках. Увидимся на вебинаре! 

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