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Why you need monitoring to enable growth and ensure stability in the cloud

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Success for your growing digital business

The adoption of digital devices and the spread of digital information continues to accelerate. By 2020, global internet traffic will have tripled over five years and traffic for the busiest hour will have grown even faster — by nearly 5x (Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index 2016). Clearly, this represents a significant opportunity for every business.

In order to capture the digital opportunity ahead, you need answers to some key questions:

  • How do I preserve my customer’s experience during high traffic growth and volatility?
  • How do I manage the growing complexity of my environment?
  • How do I ensure my web applications are flexible and resilient?

For now and the future, you need to have confidence that your business is prepared to answer these questions.

Use data to take charge of your stressed environment

Traffic volatility can stress your application in unexpected ways. At the same time, your infrastructure becomes larger and more complex to handle an ever-growing amount of traffic. Visibility and clarity into application performance is a key imperative for ensuring that those stresses do not become visible to your customers.

As opposed to immature metrics like averages, real-time data that can be parsed into granular segments from across your application environment can shed light instantly and precisely on where the application requires improvements. Data that spans the application stack will also give you clarity on how to re-architect for scale, so you’re not only rectifying urgent issues but also providing a stable application for the long-term.

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