Dynamite DevOps

Why you need monitoring for effective DevOps initiatives

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Keeping pace with innovation in a dynamic cloud world

Every business is a software business. It’s a statement that’s true as much today as it has ever been. A recent New Relic survey of over 100 IT professionals found that over 80% of respondents believe it is increasingly important to innovate through custom-built software.

That same survey found broad agreement that the rates of software updates and software development cycles are speeding up. So while the dynamic cloud has removed many of the barriers to improving software quickly, it has also raised expectations. Now more than ever, you need to deliver innovations faster in order to keep pace with customer expectations.

Software has become a key source of competitive advantage to delivering engaging customer experiences. Yet there are challenging questions that need to be addressed before you can realize that opportunity:

  • How do we enable rapid code deploys that minimize the risks of downtime and application instability?
  • How do we reorganize our teams for more seamless collaboration, particularly between development, operations and security?

Getting in sync through data

Creating high-performing teams to build software demanded by today’s digitally connected consumer is challenging. The DevOps movement has increased focus on finding more effective norms for collaboration and communication — and data is a critical component of that increased collaboration.

New Relic’s survey of IT professionals, for example, found that teams exhibiting high collaboration between developer and security teams were much more likely to use monitoring tools to enable that level of collaboration. With democratized data and insights shared across the organization, teams are able to get a unified understanding of issues and priorities. In an age of rapid code deploys, real-time data and alerts help applications teams stay ahead of issues that can affect the business.

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