New Relic One: The industry’s first entity-centric observability platform

Watch the keynote and demos, presented by Lew Cirne, New Relic Founder & CEO

New Relic One is the next evolution of our platform. It unifies all your data across all your accounts in a single place—you can see across organizational boundaries, quickly find and fix problems, and customize your setup. It’s everything you need to build more perfect software.  

Watch the keynote and get to know the industry’s first entity-centric observability platform that lets you:

  • Quickly understand context with a unified view across your "entities"—all the things you're monitoring like apps, services, functions, containers, VMs, and hosts
  • Explore those entities and understand their dependencies, so you can identify problems, dive deeper for investigation, and uncover root causes faster
  • See across organizational boundaries thanks to a new home page experience, global search, cross-account service maps, universal tag filtering, and more
  • Visualize your data in powerful new ways, build info-rich dashboards in just a few clicks, and customize your setup for your unique business

Plus, New Relic One is your new home for advanced capabilities like AWS Lambda monitoring, the powerful and unique Kubernetes cluster explorer, and distributed tracing global search—with many more improvements on the way.

Watch the keynote now!

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