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.NET Monitoring

Pinpoint and solve application performance issues with .NET monitoring. New Relic APM is the only tool you’ll need to see everything—from the end user experience to server monitoring and right down to the line of code.

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.NET Monitoring gives you complete visibility into your App

See page load times for real users by browser and geography. See the bottlenecks in your app pinpointed down to the line of code or SQL query. Find out how each component or service is affecting the performance of your app and fix things before your users notice and complain.

  • Trace distributed and SOA applications with Cross Application Tracing and our App Map dashboard.
  • Analyze application performance before and after new code deployments.
  • Cut hardware and hosting costs by increasing throughput and cluster capacity.
  • Get alerted to application errors and exceptions - fix problems before they affect users.
  • Expose solutions to production app problems, as they happen, with low-overhead Thread Profiler.
Support for Every Major Framework and Platform

We support all .NET compatible languages, such as VB.NET, C#, and C++/CLI for .NET version 2.0 and up. New Relic APM also works with major frameworks, including MVC 2, MVC3, MVC4, ASPs, and WebServices. The New Relic agent monitors applications hosted in a private datacenter and in the cloud, including Microsoft Azure and Azure Cloud Services.

Get Everyone on your Team Plugged In with One Tool

Give your entire team access to the New Relic dashboard so everyone can keep your applications running fast and healthy. Set up alerts and send team members detailed notifications when errors occur or your site goes down. See detailed transaction traces for slow requests so you can pinpoint the bottleneck.

New Relic APM is the only .NET monitoring tool you need to pinpoint and solve performance issues. The New Relic UI monitors every detail of your app, from the end user experience, through your servers, and down to the line of code.

Why New Relic?

New Relic APM is the only SaaS application monitoring tool that monitors the entire .Net app. With a single product and a single UI, New Relic lets you see the whole stack, front and back, in a real-time performance dashboard you can access anytime, anywhere.

New Relic offers enterprise-class capabilities such as server monitoring, multi-language support, user monitoring, and deep-drive transaction analysis for a fraction of the cost of on-premise monitoring tools.

Read our case studies to see how thousands of companies have used New Relic for .Net app monitoring.

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“How do I install the New Relic agent?”

Glad you asked! Here's an example process typical for a .NET agent installation. Your process may differ depending on the environment you're adding the New Relic agent to.

  1. Create A New Relic Account
  2. Download the New Relic .NET agent installer
  3. Run the installer and restart IIS
    When prompted for your license key, enter the one we'll provide for you: tHisIsnoTaliCenseKEYbyANymEAnsSiLLy If you didn't select the option to restart IIS in the installer, you can manually restart it by opening an administrative command prompt: iisreset
  4. What happens next?
    • In a few minutes, your application will send data to New Relic and you'll be able to start monitoring your application's performance.

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