New Relic Server(TM)

Server Monitoring
from the app perspective.

Your servers on New Relic New Relic screen

How do you know the application is healthy if you can’t see the server it’s running on?

See which servers have capacity issues so you can take corrective action
Get alerts for server health issues, including CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk I/O utilization, and disk capacity.
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See processes prioritized by memory or CPU consumption
Track server health availability in cloud, physical, or hybrid environments
David Ting from IGN on New Relic Servers

“Three most important characteristics for an APM tool are End-User Performance, Server Performance and Application Performance. At this point, New Relic delivers all three for IGN.”

David Ting VP of R&D, IGN
Jim Bartus from Gawker about New Relic Servers

“New Relic's server monitoring allows developers and sys admins to look at the same data in the same web interface...there's much less debate over where the problem is.”

Jim Bartus Director of Tech Operations, Gawker
Available for Server Monitoring for Linux Server Monitoring for Windows Server Monitoring for SmartOS

Also, get visibility into your app stack with New Relic Plugins.

You can monitor as many servers as you want, for free.

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