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Real-time data from real end-users.

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New Relic Browser collects data directly from your real user's browsers so you can understand their experience with your software from their perspective.

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Monitor Real User Experience in the Browser

New Relic Browser provides valuable insight into the actual experience your real-users are having on your site. Get deep visibility and actionable insights into the front-end code of your web apps including browser page load times, JavaScript Errors*, Ajax timing*, and performance breakdowns by browser and geography.

We care about real data more than anything. Unlike other synthetic transaction services, the data we collect comes from actual users, actually using your site. This means that unlike those other services, we don’t collect data from a robot or machine simply acting like a user. And, since you can monitor exactly what your users are experiencing as they are experiencing it, you can proactively pinpoint and fix problems before the customer support calls start coming in.

Browser Monitoring

Browser load time broken down by tier

Browser load time

Browser page load times displayed as a histogram

Browser histograms

Browser tracing for individual real user requests

Browser tracing

Ajax response times, throughput and status codes*

Browser tracing

JavaScript Errors *

Browser tracing
Browser tracing

Real user performance by browser

Real user performance

Performance breakdown by geography and region

Performance breakdown

* New Relic is making Ajax Timing and JavaScript Errors available in beta for free for a limited time. Both features will be generally available as part of a feature-rich paid offering later in 2014.

What? Paid offering? Yes, but don't worry you'll always get the existing real user monitoring features you know and love as part of your New Relic APM subscription. The new offering will have all sorts of really cool NEW stuff, like JavaScript Errors, AJAX Timing, CDN Performance Monitoring, and more.


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