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As soon as you deploy New Relic*, we’ll send you an RC helicopter.

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Monitor every move your application makes, across the entire stack, from the browser through to the server. Zero in on bottlenecks before they become big problems.

What you need to do
  1. Step One Sign up for a free New Relic account.
  2. Step Two Install our safe & smart agent into your app server. (from a local machine all the way to production)
  3. Step Three We will email you to collect your address to send you your ‘copter.
Do you choose to accept this mission?

Are you an amateur Scorsese or hooked on using Vine? We want to see how creative you are with your helicopter and a camera. Shoot a video and share it with us.

*To receive a helicopter, please deploy our agent into your web or mobile application no later than January 31st, 2014 and verify that it is successfully sending data to our service (the charts will show usage). Upon confirmation, we’ll send you the gift within 2 weeks. This is for new New Relic accounts only. Existing deployed users are not eligible. Please note, you are not eligible to receive a helicopter if you deploy Server Monitoring only. Purchase is desired, but not necessary. Limit one per customer. Only US addresses will get the helicopter. All international addresses will receive a $25 Amazon Gift card electronically. Questions? Email