Monitor the performance of your Rackspace Load Balancer from within New Relic!

Discover the active number of load balancers, incoming and outgoing traffic separated by SSL and Non-SSL and use this information to keep an eye on the performance of your application cluster.


  • Ruby (>= 1.8.7)
  • Rubygems (>= 1.3.7)
  • Bundler gem install bundler
  • New Relic Account
  • Rackspace Load balancer with logging enabled

First Time Setup Instructions

Manual Installation

  1. Click the Continue button below to be taken to the download page
  2. Download the newest version
  3. Extract to the location you want to run the plugin from
  4. Rename config/template_newrelic_plugin.yml to config/newrelic_plugin.yml
  5. Edit config/newrelic_plugin.yml (See README file for more information)
  6. Run bundle install
  7. Start the agent bundle exec ./bin/newrelic_rs

Installation with Chef/Puppet

Chef and Puppet are tools that automate software installation. The Rackspace plugin has installation support for both:

  • Chef:
  • Puppet:

Note: For more information on using Chef and Puppet with New Relic, see the New Relic docs:

More in-depth installation and configuration details are included in the README file packaged with the plugin.


Plugin support or troubleshooting assistance is available by clicking the "Support site" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page, or go directly to

The Rackspace Load Balancers plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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How to
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  1. Step One Create your New Relic account
  2. Step Two Select & install plugin
  3. Step Three Start seeing data

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