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Full application stack visibility. Real-time, all the time.

New Relic monitors every move your application makes, across the entire stack, and shows you what’s happening right now. Zero in on problems fast with transaction tracing, SQL and NoSQL performance analytics, application topology mapping and deployment history markers and comparisons.

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What was your ‘aha’ moment with New Relic?
  • photo_benjohnson By far the best admin tool I've seen in my life. Did I say that it has a really cool UI? I could be explaining why New Relic rocks all day long, but if you need me to do that it's because you have never used it. Ben Johnson
  • photo_benjohnson When I realised (very quickly in the trial period) that New Relic was reporting the very issues that mattered, these were all reported in the same place, same format and in a very clear format. The time savings are huge. Coby Randquist
  • photo_benjohnson As a single tool it has inspired more confidence in my engineering team than any other single source. An excellent tool in the wrong hands accomplishes nothing, but an accomplished team with this tool? The results are awesome! Joan Ging
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