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New Relic Browser is the only monitoring product that gives you everything you need—full visibility into the complete web page lifecycle for modern browser-side applications.

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Around 90% of a web page’s load time is accounted for on the front-end. New Relic Browser takes advantage of this opportunity to improve browser-side performance and offers powerful performance insights.

How long before the first click happened?

How are visitors interacting with my page?

Are there any scripts slowing down my site?

How long do my assets take to load?

What triggered that JavaScript error?

Getting started is simple.

New Relic Browser takes minutes to set up using common methods: our server-side agent or a JavaScript snippet.
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Clean up your AJAX code.

Get deeper visibility into your browser-side application’s engine.
New Relic Browser helps you understand what’s going on under the hood.

AJAX performance data

Surface your site’s most resource-intensive AJAX requests by volume, response time, callback time, throughput, or data transfer. Drill down into a particular URL for similar details around each call made on that page.

AJAX status codes

A large number of non-200 status codes may indicate a problem with your AJAX endpoints. Understand the most common status codes being returned for each of your AJAX calls.

"New Relic Browser shows us exactly where errors occur on our production website—not just for ad hoc page loads, but for interaction with Ajax scripts and even some of our more immersive experiences."

Louis Bennett, Director of Engineering at Trulia

Deeper context into problems affecting real users.

Optimize for what’s happening in the real world. New Relic Browser gives you historical context into the experience actual users have with your browser-side applications.

Session Traces

You can visualize every loaded asset, ajax request, user interaction (like clicks and scrolls), JavaScript event, and error in a single timeline view of your visitor’s experience.

JavaScript Errors

Get an aggregate view of “tough to spot” production errors. We provide visibility into the error rate, URLs affected, user agent string, and full exception message.

Browser Traces

Dissect your application to uncover poor performance for specific users. See snapshots of an issue with a page load breakdown, the user’s browser type, and location.

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Give life to front-end optimization.

Get your your front-end optimization (FEO) initiatives off the ground more easily with rich browser-side performance data on par with offerings similar to those long available to server-side engineering teams.

Page Load Segmentation

Get a breakdown of each page’s load time performance by request queuing, application code, network latency, DOM processing, and page rendering.

Browser Performance

View front-end performance for the most common browsers with breakouts for usage by version and performance by device type.

End-to-end Visibility

Use New Relic Browser with New Relic APM and New Relic Server for end-to-end visibility into the performance of your application from the server side through to the customer experience.

"New Relic Browser holds our team accountable to our end users. It makes sure that the value ReachLocal delivers to its clients is consistent, speedy, and maintains their interest."

CT Rhude, Senior Director of Engineering at ReachLocal
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